Consultation has concluded

Hobsons Bay City Council is updating its Activity Centre Strategy. A new Activity Centre Strategy is important in providing direction and guidance on retail, commercial and residential activity in our centres.

What is an Activity Centre?

Activity centres are vibrant hubs where people shop, work, relax and often live. Usually well-serviced by public transport, they range in size and intensity of use from local neighbourhood strip shopping centres to universities and major regional shopping malls (Plan Melbourne).

They are a hub for surrounding communities, providing services, jobs, housing and meeting places.

What is an Activity Centre Strategy?

An Activity Centre Strategy is a planning document which provides a framework to help shape the role and function of activity centres, by identifying visions, objectives, opportunities and constraints for future development.

Why do we need an Activity Centre Strategy?

Our population is changing and growing and our activity centres need to cater for this growth. A strategy is needed to guide future development and investment opportunities to ensure that residents have access to service and facilities provided by activity centres.

Initiatives and actions of the Activity Centre Strategy will also promote urban development that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

What has been done?

A review of the existing Activity Centre Strategy (2006) commenced mid-2014, where background investigations were undertaken and consultation with the community, trader groups and other stakeholders commenced. Round One of the community consultation process commenced mid-late 2014, where Council gathered ideas about Hobson Bay's shopping areas and received feedback about what your local centres mean to you.

A Technical Report (August 2016) was then prepared which compiled all of the existing knowledge that we had about our Activity Centres. This report considered the data received from previous workshops, face-to-face meetings and a community survey. The Technical Report can be found here.

The draft Activity Centre Strategy is currently being finalised and will include recommendations on the proposed hierarchy of activity centres, priorities for structure planning, as well as guidance on preferred design outcomes for key centres.

How you can get involved?

The draft Activity Centre Strategy will be out for consultation shortly. All details will be provided on the Participate Hobsons Bay website.

If you would like to be kept informed of future consultation events then please contact the Strategic Planning team directly, please either email or call 9932 1089.