26 November 2020

We would like to thank everyone for their contributions and interest in improving safety for pedestrians and residents in this area of Altona Meadows.

In August and September 2020, Hobsons Bay City Council engaged the Altona Meadows community in the area surrounded by Hall Avenue, Victoria Street, Queen Street and Merton Street with a draft concept plan detailing a range of traffic treatments to provide a safer, pedestrian friendly, and low speed environment.

Revised concept plan

After considering community feedback, a revised concept plan has been developed and includes the following changes:

  • Nicholson Street and Orville Street - we have altered the direction of the one way traffic control to allow for waste collection to occur on the residential side of these streets. This change has no adverse traffic management or safety impacts. Based on pedestrian connectivity along these roads, the proposed raised pedestrian crossing has been moved closer to the intersection of Alma Avenue.
  • Hall Avenue - speeding concerns will no longer be addressed with additional raised intersections, but rather through new signage and line markings along the road.
  • Alma Avenue - in response to pedestrian connectivity concerns raised along Alma Avenue, treatments along Alma Avenue will include:
    • raised platforms near the intersections of Merton Street, Roseberry Street, Victoria Street, and at the existing school crossing between Nicholson Street and Orville Street
    • construction of missing pram crossings along the entire section of Alma Avenue
  • Victoria Street - speeding concerns will no longer be addressed with the installation of eight raised speed humps, but rather through the combination of wider dedicated bike lanes and the introduction of central traffic islands at four key intersections along Victoria Street. These will have a similar impact in reducing vehicle speeds.
  • Queen Street - speeding concerns will no longer be addressed with raised intersections, but rather through the re-painting of line markings at intersections along Queen Street.

Council received overwhelming support for the two proposed refuge islands in Queen Street which will improve pedestrian safety and connectivity. Council has an opportunity to bring forward these refuge islands works, commencing in December 2020. Residents directly impacted by these works will have received a works notification with more information.

All other works will be carried out in early 2021 after detailed designs are finalised.

Click here to view a copy of the revised concept plan, or download a copy of this from the Document Library.

If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact 1300 179 944 or email projects@hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au and ask to speak with a member of the Project Team.