25 October 2020

The consultation period for this project is now closed. Thank you to everyone who contributed. A summary of 'What we Heard' from the community will be made available on this site very soon.

A changing coastline

Council is proposing a number of upgrades in the coming years, as works continue with:

  • the urban renewal of the beach end of Pier Street
  • the potential closure of the Esplanade between Bent Street and Pier Street
  • the raising of the seawall
  • a revitalised Weaver Reserve
  • a new beach entry to the swimming beach at the bottom of Pier Street
  • the realignment of the shared trail
  • a new pedestrian entry at Webb Street

There will also be an upgrade to the Altona Pier, however this project will be undertaken by Parks Victoria. Click here to find out more and get involved in this project's consultation, or search 'Altona Pier Design Options' on the Engage Victoria website.

As all of these project interconnect, it is important to look at them together to ensure what Council constructs works for the community, local groups, visitors and Council. There are a number of things that we must achieve to ensure the ongoing protection of both public and private assets. However there are also a quite a few items that we would like the community’s input to help shape this important public place.

Challenges and opportunities

We have the opportunity to be bold and innovative in this space and build something that will ensure positive social and economic growth and activity in this area. We ask that when you look at these projects and provide your feedback that you do so, not just from an individual perspective but also from a community perspective.

This section of Altona involves many factors:

  • It is the major shopping precinct for local Altona residents.
  • The precinct includes a train station which provides easy access to the trading precinct and beach, drawing a large range of users to the precinct.
  • A number of community facilities sit within the precinct including the Altona Library, the Louis Joel Arts and Community Center, art gallery, senior’s facility and the Altona Homestead (home of the Altona Laverton Historical Society).
  • Ongoing seasonal parking issues in the trading and beach precinct, creating increased parking demand and pressure onto residential streets.
  • It is one of the two main swimming beaches in the west and draws people from all suburbs in the western region of Melbourne during the warmer months.
  • The beach sits adjacent to the major trading precinct for the area and has significant open space linking them together.
  • Council is in the process of minimising the number of gaps in the seawall and raising it to protect the community from future sea level rise and storm surge events associated with the effects of climate change.
  • Drainage is particularly challenging as Altona is low lying and generally flat. Once water gets behind the seawall it is difficult to get it back out into the sea.

Join the conversation

The consultation has been separated into a number of topics. Please click into the tiles to read the information and provide your feedback in each of the topics.