Community Park Development Project

Hobsons Bay City Council is planning to develop Blenheim Road Reserve into a community park. The reserve is important for many local residents as it will provide a place for passive recreation within walking distance. It will be a space where one can meet their neighbours, have a picnic, take a walk or enjoy some quiet contemplation.

Council is pleased to confirm that works at the Blenheim Road Reserve site will commence in approximately April 2021 with all works expected to be completed by June 2022.

The works will include:

  • 2 metre wide circuit path
  • Central grass area
  • Picnic shelter with seating and barbecue
  • Play items including trampoline, sand digger, sculptural items, a sand pit and nature play area
  • Toilet block and drink fountain
  • Furniture including seats, bike rails and rubbish bins
  • Meditative space and herb garden
  • A forest walk, lined with trees
  • Trees, shrubs and groundcover plantings

Civil works including all earthworks, paths and structures will be carried out in 2021. The landscape works including tree planting, garden beds and lawn installation will occur in Autumn 2022.

A naming process of Council's newest reserve will be undertaken in late 2021.

You can view the final concept plan here or you can download it from the document library (on the right hand side of the screen).

Related updates

The below information includes updates about other sites in the immediate vicinity of the park.

Parking: Council is currently undertaking road works in Blenheim Road between Rosshire Road and Woods Street. these works include road resurfacing and the construction of additional off street parking. The additional parking will support parking demand generated by the Australian Islamic Centre.

Active Play: Works on the neighbouring Bayside Secondary College are now complete. This upgrade included multipurpose sportsground, floodlights and a new pavilion and will complement and support the park upgrade at the Blenheim Road Reserve park which is designed to provide a passive recreation space for quiet enjoyment, relaxation and nature.

Dog off leash area: Nearby parks with dog off-leash areas include Newport Lakes and S.J Clement Reserve. Each park in the neighbourhood serves a unique function. In keeping with the enjoyment theme of this new park in Blenheim Road, a dog off leash area in this location is not considered appropriate.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the consultation!

The project team has had many conversations with key stakeholders and community members to better understand the way Blenheim Road Reserve is used and how the community would like to see it developed into the future. This feedback has helped shape the draft concept plan.

View a summary of 'what we heard' here (or find it in the document library on the right). The summary incorporates feedback received both online and at the drop in session held on 30 June 2019.

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