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Boat Ramps

Increased funding for the upgrade and upkeep of our boat ramp infrastructure.

There are two boat ramps in Hobsons Bay - the Altona Boat Ramp and the Warmies Boat Ramp in Newport. The only other trailerable boat launching facility in the western region of Melbourne is the Werribee South Boat Ramp. The Altona Boat Ramp is the largest and most popular of the three facilities with over 100,000 launches occurring annually at the Altona Boat Ramp since 2011.

Due to good access to popular fishing grounds, the demand on Hobsons Bay boat ramps has increased considerably in the last five years, and it is expected to further increase with the Melbourne Metropolitan Planning Strategy predicting the population of the Western Region of Melbourne will double within 40 years to over one million. Additionally, the State Government’s ‘Target One Million’ Plan aims to increase the number of recreational fishers to 1 million by 2020.

The Altona and the Warmies Boat Ramps are in significant need of upgrades. Without adequate upgrades, the facilities will not be able to support safe boating access to Port Phillip Bay, therefore reducing recreational access of boaters and fishers to the fastest growing recreational activity in Victoria.

Boat users are charged a fee to launch their boats at both boat ramps in Hobsons Bay. These costs contribute to Council’s upkeep and operational expenditure of the ramps, but the operational costs far exceed the revenue generated from the launch fees. Council dredges Altona harbour each year to ensure a safe depth for boats entering and exiting at the boat ramp. This annual cost is predominantly covered by Council, coming at a significant cost to ratepayers. These boat ramps are two of Melbourne’s busiest and ongoing support from the State Government is required for the maintenance and upgrade of these facilities.

What is required?

  • State Government funding of $150,000 annually support the annual dredging of the Altona harbour to ensure the safety and efficiency of Hobsons Bay’s boat ramp facilities.
  • Funding for significant upgrades to land infrastructure to increase the functionality of the existing boat ramps.
  • Funding to support Council’s maintenance costs of the Altona harbour that would enable the launching fees to be reduced for residents and visitors

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