How Can We Respond to Climate Change?

Hobsons Bay City Council recognises that climate change is a current and significant challenge that will only become worse unless we all work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for a changing climate.

In 2018, Council conducted previous community engagement about how Council can respond to immediate and future impacts of climate change. The main issues our community brought up were that climate change would create discomfort and an increase in energy prices. Addressing this, the community called for: the planting of more trees and increasing canopy; more knowledge and information; and stronger community networks.

This draft Response to Climate Change Plan (the Plan) has used this previous community feedback to develop a list of actions for Council that address climate change and support the community.

Council is now seeking community feedback to confirm whether the detailed draft Vision, Priorities and Actions in the Plan reflect community attitudes and meet community’s expectations of effective and appropriate climate change action.

The following survey will provide Council a direct insight into your views, so please take 2 - 3 minutes to give us your feedback.

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