Hobsons Bay City Council is currently developing a Coastal and Marine Management Plan (CMMP) to guide the future management of our iconic coastal and marine areas.

The coastal and marine areas of Hobsons Bay are highly valued by our community and visitors. Our coastline supports a diverse, and at times competing, range of interests and values. Into the future, there will be increasing pressures from urban growth and a changing climate.

A coordinated, integrated approach to planning and management is required to balance environmental, economic and social values, enhance resilience, and adapt to change.

What we've heard so far

The Coastal and Marine Management Plan (CMMP) is being developed in consultation with our local community, Traditional Owners, and a range of stakeholders.

We commenced conversations in early 2019, with community drop in sessions and surveys. As a foundation for the CMMP, we sought to understand perspectives on values, experiences and aspirations for our coastal and marine areas.

We would like to thank everyone who has already contributed to the plan.

Some of the things we’ve heard so far:

  • you love the beaches, coastal trails, parks, reserves and wildlife
  • you regularly use these areas for a wide range of activities such as exercise, fishing, dog walking, snorkelling and boating
  • you want to retain the history and cultural heritage of Hobsons Bay
  • our foreshore areas contribute to local businesses and the economy
  • the relaxed atmosphere plays an important role in our health and wellbeing

Values and Challenges

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Help shape the plan

We're continuing the journey to develop the plan. Strategic, 'big-picture' planning allows us to better coordinate our approach to the management and usage of our coastline. We’d like your input to help us to refine the focus and priorities in the CMMP.

The CMMP process is driven and guided by new Victorian Government legislation and policy, including the Marine and Coastal Act 2018 and the recently adopted Marine and Coastal Policy. Long term objectives for the plan have been aligned with pillars of the Marine and Coastal Policy.

You can continue to help shape the plan in the following ways

  • TELL US - complete the feedback survey below to help us refine the focus and priorities in the CMMP
  • SHOW US - share what you love about Hobsons Bay's coastline through photos, memories or stories
  • ASK US - want to find out more about the CMMP? Or have a suggestion or comment that you would like considered? Join the conversation today

We invite your feedback and comments on the management actions and priorities until midnight, Sunday 20 September 2020.

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