22 June 2020

The consultation period for the draft Precinct Plan is now closed, thank you to everyone who contributed. Your feedback will be collated and presented for Councils' consideration in the coming weeks. A summary of 'What we Heard' from the community will be made available on this site as soon as possible.

What do you think of the draft Precinct Plan?

You are invited to read Council's draft Ferguson Street Level Crossing Removal Project - Precinct Plan and let us know what you think - will it improve the local area and known safety concerns?

The government authority for this project

The station, level crossing, surrounding public areas and arterial roads in and around the North Williamstown Station fall under the jurisdiction of the Victorian Government.

What the Precinct Plan will be used for

Once Council’s Precinct Plan is updated to reflect community feedback, Council will advocate to the Victorian Government for funding and partnership support to undertake the proposed precinct upgrades, which would complement the upcoming Level Crossing Removal Project’s (LXRP) Ferguson Street project. State government funding and consideration for the Ferguson Street Precinct Upgrade is one of Council’s Advocacy Priorities for 2020.

The features of the plan

Long-standing concerns about community safety - including vehicular, cyclist, and pedestrian - and land-use in the precinct have informed Council’s draft Plan, which seeks to develop an integrated multi-modal transport hub, enhanced open space offerings and improved connectivity for the community of Williamstown and beyond.

A flexible plan

The principles and ideas the plan contains are designed to maximise the precinct’s appeal and functionality on land that abuts the LXRP project. Therefore, is not linked to any level crossing removal design option (i.e. rail over road or rail under road), which are yet to be finalised by the LXRP.

What is in the Precinct Plan?

Click to preview the draft Precinct Plan or to learn more Council's advocacy for Ferguson Street

Live Facebook Q&A

Join the conversation and ask your questions about our draft Precinct Plan at our LIVE Facebook Q&A at 6.30-8pm on Thursday 11 June. Visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/HobsonsBayCityCouncil and click on the ‘Events’ tab to register your interest.

Join the conversation

Join the conversation and tell us what you think by

  • Reading more about the key considerations and principles - click on the 'Principles and Features' tab for more details.
  • Completing the questionnaire - click on the 'Tell Us' tab to tell us what you think of Council’s Precinct Plan.
  • Submitting your ideas - share your comments, photos or videos that you think are relevant in the 'Show Us' tab.

As face-to-face consultation is restricted due to social distancing regulations related to the Coronavirus pandemic, letters complete with reply paid envelopes will be delivered to nearby residents to ensure those without internet access may participate.

View the precinct plan at council libraries

Copies of the precinct plan are available at Altona Library, Altona North Community Library, Williamstown Library, Altona Meadows Library and Learning Centre and the library at the Newport Community Hub.


What are the key considerations and principles of the Precinct Plan?

The Precinct Plan takes in to consideration existing site features and proposed infrastructure including heritage, cycling and pedestrian connections and land management.

The Plan has three key principles:

1. Better Spaces and Places - utilising the project as a catalyst for upgrading existing spaces and delivering new spaces that will add life and amenity and improve the quality of the public area around the rail precinct

2. Connecting the Community - focus on delivering improved movement and safety for all modes of transport and creating a truly integrated multimodal hub

3. Enhancing Character and Amenity - “telling the story” of the place and finding better ways to actively involve the community to create a stronger sense of identity and ownership over the design and outcomes

What are the main features of the Precinct Plan?

Council has developed the Plan with reference to its Grade Separation Principles, the LXRP’s proposed design guidelines for the project, and the Community Interest Group input, which was acknowledged by Council on 10 September 2019.

The main features of the Plan include:

  • An efficient multi-modal hub – hosting vehicle, bus, train, cycling and pedestrians traffic
  • Signalised intersections (two) near the station, with current roundabouts removed
  • Relocation of train platforms
  • Heritage train station upgrade and repurpose
  • Parkland / open space / community plaza with seating located to the east and west of the station
  • Pedestrian and cyclist linking pathways
  • Cycling and end of trip facilities
  • Relocated / reconfigured car park
  • Retention of established trees, where possible
  • The incorporation of art, architectural or landscape elements to establish a landmark gateway to Williamstown on potential raised rail infrastructure


Share your feedback on the draft Precinct Plan

The removal of the level crossing presents an opportunity to resolve known safety concerns and improve public amenities within the project precinct.

Tell us what you think about the draft Ferguson Street Level Crossing Removal Precinct Plan, which highlights the potential of the area surrounding the North Williamstown Train Station.


In this instance, the precinct is defined by the two roundabouts, North Williamstown Train Station and immediately surrounding areas of Kororoit Creek Road, Champion Road, Victoria Street, Railway Place, Ferguson Street, Station Road and Power Street.


For the questions below, your responses can consider anything relating to the precinct, including but not limited to infrastructure, cyclist or pedestrian safety, vehicular traffic flow, open space, connectivity, sustainable travel, heritage or community value/appeal.

In your opinion, to what extent do you agree the Precinct Plan addresses the issues and opportunities in the precinct? Required

Privacy Collection Statement

Hobsons Bay City Council is committed to protecting your privacy. The personal information and opinions supplied by you on this survey in regards to the Project under consultation will assist Council in keeping you involved and up to date on the project. Your personal information will not be disclosed to any external party without your consent, unless required or authorised by law. You have a right to access your personal information and make corrections. If you have any queries or wish to gain access to amend your information please contact Council's Privacy Officer on 9932 1000.

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.