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Increased financial contributions of more than $4 million, over the next four years towards foreshore infrastructure upgrades.

The Hobsons Bay coastal area covers approximately 23 kilometres of foreshore from the Stony Creek Backwash in Spotswood through to the Cheetham Wetlands in Altona Meadows where it connects with Skeleton Creek.

Local foreshore and beaches are among the most popular and treasured assets in Hobsons Bay and provide important recreation and health and wellbeing benefits for both the local community and visitors to the region.

Climate change is having a profound effect on the condition of Hobsons Bay’s foreshore areas and its infrastructure with immediate risks including: the degradation of beaches and foreshore areas through loss of sand and foreshore edge erosion; flooding of public infrastructure and private assets in low lying areas; and flash flooding due to drainage systems being overload.

As the local population increases, the demand for use of coastal areas increases. Council is required to cater for the access and infrastructure needs of Hobsons Bay’s foreshore areas. This means Council is expected to support and improve local infrastructure that has a regional benefit. More resources are required in order for Council to effectively manage foreshore infrastructure in partnership with the State Government.

What is required?

  • State Government funding and collaborative partnerships to support new, upgraded and/or renewed foreshore protection of assets that help reduce the predicted impacts of climate change, including:
    • Seaholme Foreshore Upgrade Project ($1.6 million)
    • Hatt and Cyril Curtain Reserve Rock Revetment Installation ($2 million)
    • Altona Seawall Upgrade ($1.4 million)
  • The upgrade and/or renewal of ageing access ramps to facilitate the use and ongoing maintenance of the foreshore.
  • Support for the development and implementation of Council's Coastal Management Plan which will identify future use, development and management of the foreshore.

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