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Hobsons Bay City Council prepared Problem Gambling - Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs) Policy Statement 2015 to minimise and manage the negative impacts of EGM gambling for the municipality.

Amendment C112 is required to implement the findings of Council’s Policy Statement 2015 into the Hobsons Bay Planning Scheme.

The amendment will provide greater clarity and guidance for those associated with the assessment of planning permit applications related to EGMs and their operations.

In particular, the amendment:

  • updates the contents page to introduce a reference to Clause 22.12 Gaming Policy
  • amends the Municipal Strategic Statement at Clause 21.03-1 - Reference documents to add Hobsons Bay Problem Gaming – Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs) Policy Statement, 2015 as a reference document
  • amends the Local Planning Policy at Clause 21.03-2
  • amends the Local Planning Policy at Clause 21.08
  • inserts a new Clause 22.12 titled Gaming Policy into the Hobsons Bay Planning Scheme
  • amends the Particular Provisions at Clause 52.28

What is the status of the amendment?

Council considered the amendment at its Ordinary Council Meeting on 12 September 2017 and resolved to request the Minister for Planning for authorisation to prepare and exhibit the amendment.

The Minister for Planning authorised Council as the Planning Authority to prepare and exhibit the amendment on 16 October 2017.

The amendment will be exhibited for public and stakeholder comment from 9 November 2017 to 22 December 2017.

A full copy of the amendment is available on the Council website via Greenlight.

Alternatively if you would like to discuss the amendment, please contact the Strategic Planning unit on 9932 1000.

Further information regarding the proposed Amendment will be available at a drop in session at:

Hobsons Bay Civic Centre

115 Civic Parade, Altona 3018

4pm - 7pm on Thursday, 23 November 2017

How do I make a submission?

Any person who may be affected by the Amendment may make a submission to the planning authority. Submissions must be made in writing giving the submitter’s name and contact address, clearly stating the grounds on which the Amendment is supported or opposed and indicating what changes (if any) the submitter wishes to make.

Name and contact details of submitters are required for Council to consider submissions and to notify such persons of the opportunity to attend Council meetings and any public hearing held to consider submissions.

Please note that all submissions are public documents and may be accessed by any member of the public.

The closing date for submissions is Friday, 22 December 2017. A submission must be sent to:

Manager Strategy and Advocacy, Hobsons Bay City Council, PO Box 21, Altona, 3018 or complete our online form on this site, via the "make a submission" tab.

What happens next?

Following the exhibition period, Council will consider all submissions received and try to respond to and resolve the issues. If Council is unable to resolve an issue an independent Planning Panel may be appointed to consider submissions and make recommendations on the amendment.

Privacy Collection Statement - Hobsons Bay City Council is committed to protecting your privacy. The personal information provided by you in your submission will be used by Council to contact you and keep you up to date with any decisions made in relation to Amendment C112. It is important to note that this information will be made publicly available as part of your submission. The Planning and Environment Act 1987 requires Council to make all submissions received in relation to the Amendments available for inspection by any person, free of charge, until the end of two months after the amendment comes into operation or lapses. You have a right to access your personal information and make corrections. If you have any queries or wish to gain access to amend your information please contact Council’s Privacy Officer on 9932 1047.