The opportunity to provide feedback on Harrington Square has now concluded. If you have any questions about this project, please see the Who's Listening box (right).

Harrington Square, in the heart of Westona, has come alive with interactive public art, events and a range of fun activities for the whole family.

The initiative, developed in conjunction with Council, the Altona Village Traders Association and the Harrington Square Traders, aims to make the square more accessible to the community while supporting the economic vitality of the shopping precinct.

During March, a series of events and creative programs are under way to transform and test new ideas in Harrington Square. Council will be using these events to ask you a series of questions about Harrington Square, how you use it and what your future vision might be.

Feedback closes Thursday 18 April 2019

Why is Council doing this?

Council is undertaking Inside the Square at Harrington Square to challenge local residents to a new way of seeing and utilising Harrington Square. We are exploring the use of increased pedestrian and car free spaces and the impacts (both positive and negative) that has on Harrington Square.

Harrington Square is a great destination to shop and visit and, with the Inside the Square programs and events, now is the time to stop by and have a look. When you do, be sure to share your thoughts with us.