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Hobsons Bay City Council is preparing a draft Housing Strategy to manage future housing growth and change in the municipality over the next 20 years. This ensures that we are planning for the changing needs of residents by putting the right homes in the right places.

What is a Housing Strategy?

A Housing Strategy is a planning document that guides appropriate future residential development in an area to ensure we are planning for the changing needs of residents, by putting the right homes in the right places.

Planning for housing is not just about calculating how many new homes are needed over a given timeframe, it is also about guiding what types of homes are needed, as well as considering built form outcomes such as densities, and the overall impacts on our neighbourhood into the future.

Why do we need a Housing Strategy?

A Housing Strategy for Hobsons Bay is needed to ensure that residential development is meeting the changing needs of the Hobsons Bay community whilst also preserving existing neighbourhood character.

Accommodating a growing population places increased pressure on our suburbs to build more housing. A Housing Strategy which directs housing growth and also matches resident's needs provides more certainty for residents and developers.

A Housing Strategy also needs to be prepared to satisfy the requirements of the Metropolitan Strategy Plan Melbourne (objectives relating to Housing Choice and Affordability) as well as to support the application of the New Residential Zones.

Further information on the Housing Strategy is provided in the October 2014 Factsheet.

What is being done?

Consultation on housing needs was undertaken late 2014, feedback of the key housing issues in Hobsons Bay was used to inform the preparation of the Housing Strategy Background Report – December 2016 (Volume One). Results on the first round of consultation are provided in this Factsheet.

A draft Housing Strategy is currently being finalised which will provide a framework for how Council proposes to manage housing growth and change in Hobsons Bay, this will include identification of the proposed locations of the new residential zones.

How you can get involved?

The draft Housing Strategy will be out for consultation shortly. All details will be provided on the Participate Hobsons Bay website.

If you would like to be kept informed of future consultation events then please contact the Strategic Planning team directly, please either email or call 9932 1089.