Updated 20 August 2019

Hobsons Bay City Council has prepared a Housing Strategy to plan for the housing needs of current and future residents over the next 20 years. View the key documents below to see how Council is planning to manage housing growth and change across the municipality including:

  • Four new housing policies
    • Housing Policy One
      Hobsons Bay needs to plan for an increasing and changing population, this includes planning not only for housing but also planning for the supporting community infrastructure and services within the municipality.

      Policy One:
      1.1 Planning for population growth and change
      1.2 Planning for community infrastructure and services

    • Housing Policy Two
      The location and type of new housing are important considerations in planning for housing as they shape how a suburb functions and the choice of housing available to residents. Determining where additional housing can go and the type of housing change required, ensures we are putting the right homes in the right places.

      Policy Two:
      2.1 Preferred locations for future housing
      2.2 Preferred types of housing change

    • Housing Policy Three
      Housing affordability is a key determinant in the role and function of housing in the community. Housing affordability not only impacts on households but also has major implications on the wider economy and social cohesion within communities.

      Policy Three:
      3.1 Housing affordability
      3.2 Affordable housing
      3.3 Homelessness
      3.4 Empty homes

    • Housing Policy Four
      Housing design, functionality and sustainability considers the built form aspects of housing. Built form considerations are an important part of the Housing Strategy as they impact on neighbourhood character, residential amenity, functionality, liveability and environmental sustainability associated with residential land uses.

      Policy Four:
      4.1 Housing design, heritage and neighbourhood character
      4.2 Housing design and functionality
      4.3 Housing and sustainability

  • a new Housing Framework Plan
    The Housing Framework Plan is one of the key outputs of the Housing Strategy as it identifies the location for future housing growth and the level of change that is considered appropriate in Hobsons Bay over the next 20 years.

    The Housing Framework Plan identifies three Housing Change Areas:
    1. Limited Change Area
    2. Moderate Change Area
    3. Substantial Change Area

    The Housing Framework Plan is being used to implement the New Residential Zones in Hobsons Bay. View the Plan here. Alternatively, view the interactive online map here. More information on the draft Housing Framework Plan by suburb can also be viewed below:

    Eastern Precinct (Newport, Spotswood, South Kingsville, Williamstown, Williamstown North)
    Central Precinct (Altona, Seaholme, Altona North, Brooklyn)
    Western Precinct (Altona Meadows, Laverton, Seabrook)

The full version of Volume Two (Housing Framework Plan and Capacity Assessment) can be viewed herehere.

The Housing Strategy has also played an important role in guiding the application of the New Residential Zones in Hobsons Bay.

Hobsons Bay City Council adopted the housing strategy on the 13th of August 2019.

NOTE: Every care has been taken to ensure the information provided by the New Residential Zones interactive tool is correct. However, Hobsons Bay City Council does not accept any liability to any person or organisation for the information it provides.

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