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Melbourne Metro 2

Melbourne Metro 2 (MM2) brought forward within State budget for planning and a feasibility study. This will assist with further duplication of the Altona Loop.

Melbourne’s west is rapidly growing, with an increase of 27,600 people per year. (ABS, 2017) In order to move community and resources effectively, MM2 is required.

MM2 has the capacity to provide a direct and short service to Melbourne’s CBD from the western region. It will improve the capacity of the network, will deliver improved frequency of services and will free up the network to enable the duplication of the Altona Loop. It will unlock the potential of the Werribee line, connecting the future job rich corridor from the Werribee East Employment Precinct, into the University Precinct in Parkville CBD, and will provide another river crossing for rail infrastructure. Improvements to the frequency and reliability of services will meet the transportation needs of local residents travelling to their places of employment.

There is a strong car dependency in the west, causing congestion on major roads. Investment in MM2 will enable the community to increase public transport usage, freeing up freeways.

The planning for this project needs to start now to ensure transport meets the population demand and Melbourne can continue to provide effective economic outcomes.

What is required?

  • Bring forward funding for the planning for MM2 to 2019-20.
  • Undertake a feasibility study that addresses the duplication (partial or full) of the Altona loop with a comprehensive planning and community engagement process.
  • Extend the project to create a link from Newport to Sunshine, to increase service capacity within the region
  • The completion of the MM2 prior to building the recently announced outer suburban rail line due to increased population pressures in the western region

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