What are the Neighbourhood Character Precinct Brochures?

by mconkey, about 1 year ago
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Neighbourhood Character Precinct Brochures are detailed brochures that provide the design guidelines for established residential properties across the entire municipality. In total there are 40 brochures for all the different areas across the municipality. Each area is identified for 'substantial change', 'moderate change' or 'limited change' and a specific brochures for each area has been developed.

To find the brochure which relates to your area of interest (i.e your Home), type the address in the interactive map search function, and then the brochure related to your area will be shown. This brochure will provide you with useful information about your area, such as the predominant character of your street, siting of houses, expected building form, vegetation and colors and materials. It should be noted that, in addition to your specific brochure, there is a general brochure which relates to all areas.

The Neighbourhood Character Precinct Brochure - Combined can be viewed here.