Updated 20 August 2019

The Victorian Government introduced the New Residential Zones into the Victorian Planning Provisions in July 2013. On 13 June 2014 the Victorian Government applied the General Residential Zone to 100 per cent of residential land in Hobsons Bay. This was a transitional arrangement while Councils completed strategic work to justify the application of the new zones. Council has now completed three supporting strategies: the Housing Strategy, a new Neighbourhood Character Study and the Activity Centres Strategy. These supporting strategies have been informed by a range of community consultations including formal consultation in late 2014 and 2017-18.

The application of the New Residential Zones represents a major land use planning policy change for Hobsons Bay. This change enables Council to strategically consider and direct where new development should be located based on a range of important factors, including strategic context, accessibility, amenity and heritage/built form. For example, balancing the need for development near a train station with preserving intact heritage, or limiting density due to proximity to a Major Hazard Facility.

How can you get involved?

Council adopted the New Residential Zones and supporting policies at its meeting on 13 August 2019. The next step is for the New Residential Zones to be incorporated into the Hobsons Bay Planning Scheme, which is done through a state government planning scheme amendment process estimated to take around 12-18 months. Community members will be able to provide further feedback during this process, including an opportunity to present to an independent planning panel.

This page will be regularly updated to indicate the progress of this project, including when the planning scheme amendment will be available for public consultation. If you require further information or have any questions please see the who's listening box on the right of this page.

How does this impact me?

An interactive New Residential Zones map can found here. It should be noted, that properties within the Newport Structure Plan boundary have been excised from the New Residential Zones. Zones in this location will be updated through the Newport Structure Plan process, which is well advanced. Click here for further information.

NOTE: Every care has been taken to ensure the information provided by the New Residential Zones interactive tool is correct. However, Hobsons Bay City Council does not accept any liability to any person or organisation for the information it provides.

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