The opportunity to provide feedback on Paine Reserve Landscape Master Plan has now concluded. If you would like to get in touch with us regarding this project, please see the Who's Listening box (right).

Hobsons Bay City Council has been busy designing an exciting, new landscape for Paine Reserve, Newport!

It is the next step in the process following the Newport Project Report 2018. The overall themes and ideas from the Newport Project are still the overarching design principles, but now this plan looks at the design in greater detail. It also looks at how people move through and use the spaces in the park, how those spaces are interconnected and how the adjacent buildings can complement and address the park.

In summary this landscape master plan aims to:

  • create more opportunities for a wider range of users and events in the park with a large open lawn area, basketball hoop and key, small plaza spaces and a new and improved play space
  • simplify the park while strengthening its sense of identity with greater clarity through signage, consistent street furniture and materials used
  • draw the functions of the adjacent buildings into the park through an outdoor study deck at the Newport Library entrance, opening up the edges to the adjacent shops with the removal of garden beds and transparent fences.

What we heard

Thank you to all who provided feedback on the draft Paine Reserve Landscape Master Plan!

Council invited feedback from the community during July and August 2019. The aim was to inform the Newport community about the landscape plan in detail and to capture anything we have missed. We were also keen to understand what local residents thought was special about their community reserve and what themes they would like see expressed in the next stage of the detailed design.

We have made a note of all the ideas received. Majority of the feedback related to aspects which will be incorporated into the detailed design, particularly the new play space, which we will take into consideration and integrate these ideas into the project. For this reason there has only been very minor changes to the landscape master plan.

You can view the feedback we received from the recent consultation here.

Next Steps

  • This project will now move into detailed design development and construction documentation
  • The detailed design of the new play space will be available in November/December 2019 to be viewed on the project web page
  • Construction will be starting in the first half of 2020 and we are hoping for it to be completed by the end of that year


The Newport Project 2018 is a background document to this master plan by Hubcap Productions. The recommendations from the Newport Project can be viewed here (or in the document library on the right of this screen).

The Newport Structure Plan 2019 (draft) has also been used to inform this landscape master plan. More information can be found here.