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Public Transport Services

Improvements to public transport services, including a regional bus review and supporting rail infrastructure such as station platform upgrades and end of trip facilities including parkiteers.

Population growth in Hobsons Bay and rapid growth in the neighbouring City of Wyndham contributes to increased local travel demand and road congestion.

Limited public transport service levels, infrastructure and connectivity reduce the accessibility and appeal of public transport.

Some people and neighbourhoods experience barriers to public transport due to limited physical access, affordability, service frequency and access to information. There is a particular impact on people working long distances from their home, those who do not own a car or are unable to drive.

Ensuring frequent, reliable and accessible local bus services to facilitate connections within neighbourhoods, as well as supporting cross-city travel is required, along with well-maintained bus stop infrastructure. Convenient access to sustainable transport is also required, including connected and accessible active transport infrastructure such as dedicated cycling lanes that enable pedestrians and cyclists to reach places more quickly and safely. Risk factors and chronic illnesses can also be reduced through incidental exercise arising from walking, cycling and public transport.

What is required?

  • Commitment and funding from Transport for Victoria to undertake a bus service review across the municipality to ensure all routes are frequent, direct and reliable and that all residents are within walking distance of a bus stop. The review should consider how Altona Meadows and Altona North, which do not have access to a train station, could be better serviced and connected.
  • Provide increased bicycle parking facilities, such as parkiteers and cycle hoops at Newport, Spotswood and Laverton Railway Stations to encourage active transport and address parking congestion.
  • Improve the bus interchange at Laverton Railways Station to enhance safety and connectivity.
  • Delivery of safe, continuous and separated cycleways on our busiest roads such as Blackshaws Road and Douglas Parade to ensure the safety of riders and to encourage active transport.
  • A rolling program of improvements and upgrades to station platform in Hobsons Bay to addresses DDA compliance, safety and amenity.

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