Consultation has concluded

Road Management Plan - Adopted

The Road Management Plan (RMP) has been developed to meet the legislative requirements of the Road Management Act 2004 (the Act) and the strategic directions adopted by Council.

The Draft Road Management Plan went out to the community for comment and feedback and the final Road Management Plan was adopted at the Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 10 April 2018.

Council is the Road Authority for municipal roads and is responsible for the management of the local road network that covers approximately 433km. The RMP presents a management system that prioritises road functions, as well as maintenance and operational activities.

Assets covered under the RMP include the road pavement and surface, kerb and channel as well as footpaths on the road reserve.

A risk analysis of the network has been undertaken with the roads and footpaths categorised as “High”, “Medium” and “Low” priority.

The purpose of the RMP is to:

  • establish a management system for the road management functions of Council which is based on policy and operational objectives and available resources
  • specify the relevant standards or policies in relation to the discharge of duties in the performance of those road management functions
  • detail the management systems that Council proposes to implement in the discharge of its duty to inspect, maintain and repair public roads for which Council is responsible.