Project Update - May 2020

9 August 2021

In April 2020 Council asked the community to choose from five, community suggested, options to calm traffic in Seabrook. We received an overwhelming response with 691 votes received either online or by mail.

Which option did the community choose?

Of those who chose an option, 38% advised they prefer Option 1: the installation of removable bollards to restrict vehicle movements during morning peak times.

What happens now?

The next steps are for Council to:

  • Complete a detailed design that considers appropriate lighting, prior warning systems and civil infrastructure upgrades;
  • Consult with residents directly impacted to mitigate any issues, with particular focus on retaining existing driveway accesses for these properties; and
  • Obtain approval from the Department of Transport (DOT) for the installation of this Major Traffic Control Device.

Following completion of this process, it is anticipated that works will begin in September 2020.

Once implemented, the proposed traffic calming treatment will be monitored for effectiveness and efficiency on a regular basis. The proposed solution will not result in a permanent road closure and. if in time, it proves to not resolve the traffic issues, alterations will be made.

Where can I find out more about the results?

Please click here for a report on consultation outcomes called, 'What we Heard'