3 August 2020

In July 2020, we asked the community for their feedback on the revised proposal addressing traffic and parking concerns around Seaholme Station. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Click here to view a summary of what we heard, or download copy of this from the Document Library.

Following the review of all feedback received, recommendations will be presented to Council for consideration. We will then confirm how community feedback has influenced the final design of parking and traffic management solutions around Seaholme Station.

A revised proposal to address traffic and parking concerns around Seaholme Station

Hobsons Bay City Council is working to address community concerns about parking and traffic in and around Seaholme Railway Station.

As you may be aware, the State Government is responsible for providing car spaces in and around train stations. Unfortunately there is simply not enough car parks available to accommodate the usage of the station.

As a result, commuter car parking has pushed into Central Avenue, Waratah Street and nearby streets, causing:

  • blocked driveways and obscured sight lines near intersections;
  • traffic flow restrictions on residential streets;
  • restrictions to routine park maintenance as commuters park on Reserves, and;
  • parking time restrictions and permitted locations to be ignored.
What have we heard so far?

In a letter to local residents in February of this year, Council proposed a number of interventions. We received over 80 submissions from the community outlining their concerns and providing alternate solutions. See the Document Library on the right to download a summary of the community feedback.

What does the Seaholme Station Parking revised proposal include?

We are now pleased to present a revised proposal that seeks to combine community feedback, comply with Victorian Road Safety Road Rules and resolve the issues.

The revised proposal seeks to implement:

  • one way traffic for Central Avenue and Acacia Avenue
  • 2 hr parking restrictions (9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday) on the northern side of Central Avenue
  • no stopping signs at intersections
  • on-street parallel parking on the southern side of Central Avenue
  • There will be no changes on Waratah Street and Wattle Grove.

Click here to review a copy of the revised proposal or download a copy from the Document Library on the right.

Why one-way streets?

Current Victorian Road Safety Regulations require 3m of clear space for a car to safely use a road. The streets in this section of Seaholme do not currently meet these requirements and therefore do not safely accommodate two way travel for cars and parking on both sides of the street.

Based on modelling in other similar streets show that one way traffic flow (combined with parking restrictions, no stopping signs and on-street parallel parking) will significantly reduce the traffic and parking issues in the area.

Council appreciates that the one way traffic will increase local travel times by a few minutes and will require residents on the right-hand side of Acacia Avenue to place their bins on the other side of the road for collection. We anticipate that this minor inconvenience is acceptable when considering the safety gains.

Have your say

We invite you to view the revised proposal and information provided and tell us what you think by taking the quick survey below.

As face-to-face consultation is restricted due to social distancing regulations related to the Coronavirus pandemic. Letters, complete with reply paid envelopes, will be delivered to effected residents to ensure those without internet access may participate.

Whether participating online or via the postal survey, tell us what you think by Wednesday 22 July 2020.