The Project

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this consultation process both online and in person at the recent community drop in session. We have received a lot of information over the last six weeks about the issues faced in the residential streets in Seabrook, along with options to address these issues.

This initial consultation process has now closed. Council officers are now assessing the feedback we received. A report will be created and placed on this site in the new year, detailing the outcomes of the consultation process, we will present options and reasoning as to why some items are achievable and some options aren't achievable along with the next steps of the project.

About the project

Shane Avenue, Seabrook and surrounding streets have seen increasing traffic issues over the last 15 years. The biggest concern we have heard from residents is speeding cars within Shane Avenue and Catherine Road.

More recently, Council has heard community concerns of increased traffic congestion in the northern section of Shane Avenue, which parallels the issues on Seabrook Boulevard.

Council is asking local residents to provide feedback on their experience and observations on Shane Avenue traffic issues, as well any solutions you can think of to address them. Design options will be presented to local residents.


Let us know the traffic hotspots around Shane Avenue.

Click 'Add Marker' in the bottom right hand corner of the map.

Drop it on the map in the exact location of the traffic hotspot. You can zoom in on the map using the + / - buttons on the map or scroll on your mouse.

Select the category for the type of traffic issue.

Type in the comment box to let us know your thoughts on what is needed to address this issue.

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