Proposed Zoning Change

The SACSP proposes to make zoning changes in the following areas to support the vision (refer to pages 30 - 32 of the SACSP).

Find out more about each area by clicking the black circle icon on the map below. Click on each area’s inset map to zoom in.

Spotswood Propose Change Areas

Proposed Future Built Form

The SACSP proposes the following preferred maximum building heights for each key precinct. For each key precinct (refer to Part C of the SACSP).

The Central Activity Precinct

The Central Activity Precinct will retain the established village character built form by respecting and enhancing existing heritage buildings, in particular along the Hudsons Road retail strip. Building heights will remain low scale except the approved McLister Street Development (8 Storeys) and the proposed shop top housing along the Hudsons Road retail strip (preferred maximum height at 4 storeys).

The Residential and Community Precinct

The Residential and Community Precinct will remain maximum 2 to 3 storeys for residential development.

Northern Industry and Employment Precinct

The Northern Industry and Employment Precinct will respect heritage buildings but allow for urban renewal. Preferred heights will range from 4 to 5 storeys with consideration for established industrial building heights.

Southern Industrial Precinct

The Southern Industrial Precinct will continue to support low-scale industrial activities, with preferred maximum building heights at 3 storeys.

Urban Renewal Precinct

The Urban Renewal Precinct contains the Spotswood Yard redevelopment and has 2 approved apartment buildings front Birmingham Street ranging from 4 to 8 storeys (PA1945411 and PA1945441).

Planning permit application (PA2048400) for the balance site is being considered by the Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). While the Spotswood Activity Centre Structure Plan proposes up to 8 storeys as the preferred maximum building height for the balance site, the VCAT process will ultimately determine the final development outcome.

Proposed Changes to Heritage Overlay

The SACSP proposes to protect local heritage places and buildings by:

  • expanding or revising existing heritage overlays
  • introducing new heritage overlays

Please refer to pages 28 – 29 and 33 – 35 of the SACSP, and the draft heritage citations to learn more about the proposed changes to heritage overlays.

Spotswood Structure Plan - Heritage Overlays