Key Directions

The SACSP outlines 6 key directions based on the community vision, themes and opportunities in the BPSSK Place Guide as relevant to the activity centre. These are:

  • 1 - Create a connected centre

    Prioritise active travel in and around Spotswood.

  • 2 - Deliver a green and resilient centre

    Deliver greener, more sustainable streets and public realm.

  • 3 - Foster a vibrant village

    Encourage diverse and vibrant retail experience.

  • 4 - Deliver a well-serviced centre

    Encourage improved and expanded community facilities, better access to open space and diverse and affordable housing.

  • 5 - Deliver a centre for industry & employment

    Encourage diverse industries to provide for local jobs and contribute to regional economy

  • 6 - Enhance local character

    Accommodate growth within new developments that enhance local character and heritage

Key Improvement Projects

Key improvement projects identified in the SACSP align and build upon the opportunities identified in the BPSSK Place Guide 2021. These include:

  1. Hudsons Road West: improve streetscape and walkability along Hudsons Road between Hope Street and Robert Street
  2. Hudsons Road East: improve streetscape between Hall Street and Booker Street
  3. Hall Street North and Hall Street South: improve streetscape and provide a separated bike path
  4. Birmingham, McLister and Craig Streets: improve streetscape and provide a separated bike path
  5. Simcock Avenue: improve streetscape and investigate additional parking spaces to offset parking loss elsewhere in the centre
  6. The Avenue West: improve streetscape and investigate potential separated bike path
  7. Booker Street: improve amenity and investigate new road crossing to Melbourne Museum sites for pedestrians
  8. Future train station upgrade: advocate to the Department of Transport to improve the public realm and station interface with Hall and Hope Streets and deliver a new underpass as part of any future level crossing removal at Spotswood Station
Spotswood Activity Centre Structure Plan - Key improvement projects