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Hobsons Bay's objectives

  • maintain or improve efficiency of travel for all modes of transport (pedestrian, cycling, public transport and vehicle)

  • maintain and improve access and connectivity throughout Hobsons Bay and surrounding areas

Performance measures against which Hobsons Bay will access the Western Distributor project

The project will:

1.1 Reduce congestion and travel times, particularly on key routes such as Millers and Melbourne Roads, during and after construction.

1.2 Promote and increase mode share (public transport, cycling and walking), particularly to offset impacts during construction.

1.3 Facilitate efficient movement for truck traffic from industrial areas, particularly Spotswood and the Altona North Industrial precinct.

1.4 Reduce truck traffic in residential areas using a combination of strategies such as truck curfews and physical modifications to key routes such as Hudsons Road and Blackshaws Road.

1.5 Maintain and improve existing pedestrian, cycling and vehicle access and connections.

1.6 Allow for and deliver new pedestrian and cycling connections that are safe and functional i.e. connect to the existing network.

1.7 Allow for new, cross-freeway north-south vehicle connections in Hobsons Bay.

1.8 Improve Hobsons Bay access to the CBD and the Port.

1.9 Have measure to prevent rat-running through Hobsons Bay streets.

1.10 Create direct, accessible, safe and user friendly pedestrian and cycling connections that are well integrated with surrounding destinations and connections and built to relevant Australian Standards.

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