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Hobsons Bay's objectives:

  • protect and improve the quality of life of the Hobsons Bay community
  • avoid or mitigate risks to public health and safety
  • achieve no net loss of open space area, functionality and amenity
  • reduce noise and air quality impacts
  • stimulate economic growth and tourism
  • mitigate impacts to recreation and community services and facilities
  • protect amenity and avoid impacts to adjacent properties and public spaces
  • achieve high quality design outcomes
  • conserve and celebrate local character and cultural values
  • successfully establish and maintain landscapes

Performance Measures against which Hobsons Bay will assess the Western Distributor project

The Project will:
2.1 Avoid open space impacts or provide suitable alternatives that are directly accessible to the local community and fit for purpose.

2.2 Demonstrate that all potential public health and safety risks have been identified and put agreed mitigation and protection measures in place.

2.3 Avoid impacts to community and recreation facilities or provide agreed mitigation measures or alternatives to current day standards that are directly accessible to the local community.

2.4 Create local jobs and improve access to employment for Hobsons Bay residents both during and after construction.

2.5 Improve access to and awareness of tourist destinations within Hobsons Bay.

2.6 Mitigate noise impacts to standards endorsed by the Technical Reference Group.

2.7 Achieve no net loss of tree canopy cover and green infrastructure.

2.8 Identify expected increases in urban heat from loss of canopy cover and increased hard surfaces and provide immediate and long-term mitigation measures within affected areas.

2.9 Identify air quality impacts and mitigate to EPA standards both during and after construction.

2.10 Ensure contaminated material and air emissions are managed to EPA requirements.

2.11 Avoid overshadowing of adjacent properties and open space.

2.12 Avoid compulsory acquisition of residential properties.

2.13 Protect or improve views from adjacent properties and public spaces.

2.14 Conserve heritage values and be sympathetic to the character of the local area in the urban design response.

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