Creating safe and sustainable pedestrian and cyclist routes

Hobsons Bay City Council is committed to improving the safety around schools for pedestrians, students and residents, and encouraging students to be more active by walking and riding (i.e. cycling, scooting and skating) to school.

Council applied last year for a Transport Accident Commission (TAC) grant for the construction of new infrastructure in the Williamstown school precinct.

Proposed road safety improvement plan for the Williamstown school precinct

Council has designed a proposed road safety improvement plan for the Williamstown school precinct. The infrastructure within this plan aims to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety and connectivity as well as reducing vehicle speeds and dangerous driving around Williamstown Primary School and Saint Mary’s Primary School in Williamstown.

These plans have been guided by Council's Integrated Transport Strategy, Health and Wellbeing Plan and Community Plan, along with other relevant planning and traffic and transport standards and guidelines.

What is currently in place?

The area around these two schools is comprised of streets with very wide lanes that are conducive to excessive speeds. There is 90 degrees parking on both sides of the streets and medium sized footpaths. Pedestrian crossings aren’t appropriately delineated and tend to be very long, exposing pedestrians, students and residents to unnecessary risks. Intersections are very wide, leading to vehicles merging onto roads at much higher speeds than desirable.

What will this new infrastructure look like?

The proposed plan seeks to implement the below traffic treatments and safety actions

  • new shared zone in Cecil Street between Parker Street and Cole Street for school drop offs and pick ups (pending approval from Department of Transport)
  • reduced speed limits within the school zone
  • shared user paths (pedestrians and cyclists) around the perimeter of the school precinct
  • raised pedestrian crossings on roads around the school precinct
  • footpath realignments for improved pedestrian safety
  • traffic islands to reduce vehicle speeds
  • new pavement markings and signage informing drivers they are entering a school zone
  • additional signage to improve road user, pedestrian and cyclist safety throughout the area

Click here to read the factsheet detailing the traffic treatments and safety actions proposed, or download a copy from the Document Library on the right.

Click here to review a copy of the proposed road safety improvement plan or download a copy from the Document Library on the right.

Have your say

In August 2019, we asked the primary school community about how they travel to and from school to understand how pedestrian and cyclist safety could be improved and actively encouraged.

Now we'd like to hear from the school community and residents to make sure we've captured your key concerns and feedback within the proposed road safety improvement plan.

We invite you to:

Feedback will be accepted until Thursday 17 September 2020.