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Youth services

Youth Mental Health

Establish Headspace youth mental health within the Youth dedicated space at the Newport Community Hub.

Currently there are limited mental health services to support young people in Hobsons Bay, resulting in constant demand and growing waiting lists on Council’s funded generalist youth counselling and case management service.

Established by Council in response to community need, the generalist youth counselling service receives referrals from schools, parents, families and self-referral. Over the last three years, more than 350 young people per year have accessed the service.

During this time, the waiting list has grown. In 2015-16, the average wait time was up to three weeks. The wait time has increased to 10 weeks, as of the end of July 2018. The service has the capacity to accept 18 cases at any one time, serviced by one full time youth counsellor (with a caseload of 10 young people) and one part time counsellor at three days a week (with a caseload of eight young people).

It is anticipated there will be a continual increase in demand for mental health services in Hobsons Bay, therefore further support is required across all levels of government to achieve the level of support for young people that can adequately meet the demand.

What is required?

  • $800,000 annual funding from the State Government to enable partnerships with local mental health agencies, including Orygen Youth Health, to establish a Headspace site within the youth dedicated space at the Newport Community Hub.
  • $120,000 to employ a Youth Mental Health Integration resource enabling Council to lead collaboration, to engage and advocate for the effective delivery of youth mental health services in Hobsons Bay.
  • $120,000 annual funding to expand and assist with meeting the increasing demand on Council’s generalist youth counselling services that are offered in Hobsons Bay.

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