Council is proposing to sell three titles in its property portfolio at the 122 Wood Street and reinvest the funds.

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The three titles proposed for sale are the former Hobsons Bay Kindergarten site located at 122 Woods Street, Newport. This facility has not provided kindergarten services for over eight years and has reached the end of its life. It is in a condition that doesn’t support the needs of the community without rebuilding and significant financial investment from Council.

In 2014 the service relocated into the purpose built Newport Garden Early Years Centre which was designed specifically to meet the growing and changing environment of early years education and created an early years hub that caters for families and children from birth to 6 years of age.

We invite your submission on the proposed sale of these three Council-owned titles in Newport. In line with the recently endorsed Property Strategy, we intend to reinvest the proceeds of the sale to be allocated as follows:

  • 50 per cent to the Western Aquatics Facility Construction Reserve
  • 25 per cent to the Wetlands Centre Construction Reserve
  • 25 per cent to the Hobsons Bay Property Development Fund Reserve

Council hasn't made a decision to sell these properties and is undertaking a statutory process in relation to this proposed sale in accordance with the Local Government Act 2020. All submissions received will be considered by Council prior to a decision being made.

A little bit about the property

The property is located in a popular residential pocket of Newport close to amenities that complement residential accommodation. The property is not in a prominent location, near public transport or an activity centre that would necessitate retention for future use.

With respect to public open space, Loft Reserve is located within 300m of the property and Jack Madigan Reserve is about 550m, therefore there is suitable available open space for both recreation and passive use within walking distance of this property.

Council owns the three parcels of land comprised within the property at 122 Woods Street known as the former Hobsons Kindergarten site.

Lots 82 and 83 are comprised within Certificate of Title Volume 8046 Folio 558. The site area for Lot 82 is approximately 689 m2 and Lot 83 is approximately 703 m2 with a total area of 1,392 m2 . These two lots front onto Woods Street.

Lots 82 and 83 were purchased by the former City of Williamstown from the Commonwealth of Australia in 1954 with the intention of constructing a baby health centre, kindergarten and public hall. The buildings were constructed in about 1954 contravening a restrictive covenant that required the lots to be used for the purpose of public recreation.

Lot 81 is comprised within Certificate of Title Volume 8354 Folio 060. This lot is vacant and was purchased by Council in 1961. Lot 81 is on a separate title, free of any encumbrances. The site area for Lot 81 is approximately 637 m2 . This lot fronts onto Laurie Street.

In 2010 Council resolved to record its intention to sell the property following the relocation of the Hobsons Bay Kindergarten and Toy Library to the Newport Gardens Early Years Centre. Proceeds from the land were targeted to be retained for capital works infrastructure for use in the five-year capital works program. The recent resolution of council would see the proceeds from the sale of this property be allocated to the following:

  • 50 per cent to the Western Aquatic Facility Construction Reserve
  • 25 per cent to the Wetlands Centre construction Reserve
  • 25 per cent to the Hobsons Bay Property Development Fund Reserve.

The restrictive covenant registered on two of the lots prevented the progression of the sale. To enable Council to achieve a maximum derived benefit from the property, a planning scheme amendment under Part 3 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 was embarked on by Council. The covenant has now been removed through the amendment process. In initiating the removal of the covenant, Council was required to give consideration to the adequacy of public open space requirements in the area.