13 October 2021

Hobsons Bay City Council manages a road network covering approximately 433kms. To meet the legislative requirements of the Road Management Act 2004, Council has a Road Management Plan covering the roads for which Council is the recognised delegated Road Authority.

The Road Management Plan is designed to demonstrate that Council, as the delegated road authority, is responsibly managing the road assets under its control. Assets covered under this plan include the road pavement and surface, kerb and channel as well as footpaths located on the road reserve. The Road Management Plan includes inspection regimes, defect intervention standards, response times and management systems that are required to manage the road assets under its control.

Under current legislation and as per the Road Management (General) Regulations 2016, Council is required to review its Road Management Plan during the same period as it is preparing its Council Plan.

This review has been carried out and an updated Draft Road Management Plan 2021 is now on public exhibition and available for community feedback.

The review undertaken has only seen minor administrative updates within the plan and has not recommended any changes to the intervention levels or inspection frequencies.

The Road Management Act 2004 requires Council to develop a Road Management Plan to establish a management system to prioritise its road management functions.

In accordance with Sections 50 and 52 of the Road Management Act, the purpose of this Road Management Plan is to:

  • establish a management system for the road management functions of Council which is based on policy and operational objectives and available resources
  • specify the relevant standards or policies in relation to the discharge of duties in the performance of those road management functions
  • detail the management systems that Council proposes to implement in the discharge of its duty to inspect, maintain and repair public roads for which Council is responsible

A review of the existing Hobsons Bay Road Management Plan was conducted on the standards of inspection and maintenance for the road and footpath assets including:

  • inspection frequencies,
  • defects intervention levels,
  • response times, and
  • maintenance actions.

The Road Management Plan was developed based on operational objectives and recognises resource limitations in undertaking the necessary levels of service and performance targets outlined in the plan. The levels of service set up in the Road Management Plan are expected to meet user needs and community expectations for day-to-day maintenance of the assets.

Implementation of the Road Management Plan involves a rigorous risk-based approach to the management and inspection of the road and footpath network. Inspection frequencies and defect response times will vary based on the level of risk and criticality rating of ‘High’, ‘Medium’ and ‘Low’.

‘High’ criticality rating roads and footpaths are those located near and adjacent to activity centres, schools, parks, foreshore and other high serviced areas. These locations will be inspected more frequently with earlier defect response times to ensure asset risks are appropriately managed.

Public exhibition

The draft Road Management Plan 2021 is now on public exhibition. You are invited to share your feedback by using the submission form below, via email or mail using the contact details below. Please note your name and email address are required to make a submission.

Name Nan Ben Cheng, Coordinator Strategic Asset Management
Phone 1300 179 944
Email projects@hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au
In writing

Mailed to Hobsons Bay City Council, PO Box 21, Altona VIC 3018. Attention: Community Engagement, Draft Road Management Plan