8 October 2021

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On 14 September 2021, Council adopted Hobsons Bay Amendment C131. The amendment documentation has now been submitted to the state government and is awaiting approval by the Minister for Planning.

The amendment as adopted includes minor changes and corrections as recommended by an independent Planning Panel and Council officers. The amendment documents are included in the Council report and attachments (refer to 14 September 2021, Agenda Item 9.3.2).

The amendment was considered by the Planning Panel during hearings on 24, 25, 26 and 28 May 2021. The Panel Report is available in the document library.

The Panel found that overall, the amendment was comprehensive, has been underpinned by substantial strategic work and should proceed. In particular the Panel noted:

“Council is to be congratulated on integrating a substantial amount of strategic work to develop a comprehensive forward looking framework that addresses housing growth and urban character issues. The Amendment is well founded and strategically justified, and the Amendment should proceed subject to addressing the more specific issues raised in submissions as discussed in this Report.”

The Panel report includes 16 recommendations for minor changes to the amendment, summarised as follows:

  • Relocate, rename and reword some of the local policy content to correct format errors and improve clarity. These relate to Clauses 15.01-1L, 15.01-2L, 15.01-5L, 15.02-1L, 16.01-2L and 19.03-1L
  • Update Clause 74.02 (Further strategic work) and 74.08 (Background documents)
  • Revise and clarify the neighbourhood character objectives in the residential zone schedules to provide consistency and clear requirements for landscaping and tree planting
  • Revise the planning scheme maps to amend the zoning for some properties and clearly delineate boundaries

You can view Council’s Part A submission to the Panel and its attachments by clicking the drop-down menu below.

In accordance with Direction #6 Council circulated its Part A submission on Monday 10 May 2021. Council's Part A Submission and Attachments can be accessed below by clicking on each of the document titles.

Council relied on the expert evidence of Mr John Glossop at the Panel Hearing. You can view his evidence statement by clicking here.

For a summary of 'what we heard' during the public exhibition period for Amendment C131, click here. Following consideration of the submissions Council proposed a number of refinements to the amendment (click here), which were put to the Panel for consideration.

About the amendment

Council is updating the Hobsons Bay planning scheme to align with Victorian Government requirements through Amendment C131. This work will include updating local policies and applying new residential zones providing an improved and up-to-date decision-making framework for Council's planning decisions.

In order to provide an improved and up-to-date decision-making framework for how Council makes planning decisions, this work will include:

  • updating the Planning Policy Framework (which forms part of the Hobsons Bay planning scheme)
  • applying New Residential Zones

The update will present our local policies in a new format recently introduced through the state government's Smart Planning program to simplify and modernise Victoria’s planning policy and rules.

Amendment C131 will also apply new residential zones across the municipality to give greater transparency as to where new housing development is expected and to ensure we meet the housing needs of existing and future residents, while also respecting highly valued neighbourhood character.

In preparing Amendment C131, Council officers worked closely with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) to ensure the new scheme aligns with state government guidelines, rules and direction.

What are the proposed changes?

There are two key pieces of work that we sought feedback on during the public exhibition period of this amendment. Click on each of the boxes below to find out what is included in Amendment C131 and how this may affect you.