Hobsons Bay is home to approximately 96,000 residents and this is forecast to increase to over 112,000 residents over the next 16 years. This means that additional homes for over 16,000 residents will be needed in the municipality by 2036 or 443 new homes each year.

To ensure we meet the housing needs of existing and future residents, Council is proposing to apply new residential zones across the city to give greater transparency to where new housing development is expected.

The new zones will provide greater clarity about the type of development that can be expected in residential areas. They reflect changing urban development across Melbourne and provide strong controls for councils to direct development while still respecting highly valued neighbourhood character.

There are three new zone classifications, and a property you live in, work in or own could be affected by the new zones.

The three zones are: The Neighbourhood Residential Zone, The General Residential Zone and The Residential Growth Zone.

The boxes below group together information on the new residential zones. Visit these pages to learn about the zones and how they have been applied.