Aviation Road Masterplan

The Aviation Road Masterplan is being developed as part of Better Places Laverton.

The concept plan is currently in development and will be exhibited to the community for consultation shortly.

The Aviation Road Shopping Square is a major shopping strip in Laverton and the masterplan will aim to enhance the streetscape and image of Aviation Road as well as improving road safety.

This project seeks to create a more connected community by improving the streetscape and the pedestrian and cycling connections between the Aircraft and Laverton stations, nearby Activity Centres, local shops, parks and garden, residential areas, access to nearby trails and through to Altona Meadows. This will help contribute to a cleaner, greener and more vibrant suburb.

Council previously sought community feedback to better understand the specific needs and wants of the local community before further development of the Masterplan.

Other Project Information

This project is part of Better Places Laverton. For more information and other Better Places Laverton projects please see below: