Are you interested in being a part of the team supporting the operational model and activation of the new Brooklyn Community Hall?

In order to ensure the new Brooklyn Community Hall best serves the community, we are seeking community members with a vested interest in Brooklyn (professional and life experience), to be part of an operations liaison group and community leadership program.

The group will support Council in the operational direction of the hall and its activation. Group members must have the capacity to attend meetings and allocate time for the operational management of the facility. The group will be supported by Council as we establish sustainable management, administration and financial security of the hall and gardens, and will be offering workshops and training to those registered.

Following consultation on the draft concept plan, Council established a community Stakeholder Reference Group (consisting of representatives from the Brooklyn Neighbourhood Group, Brooklyn Residents Action Group, Walker Close and Brooklyn Hall Association, a community group and three independent community members) to develop the final concept plan.

The Concept Plans were endorsed following community consultation. You may have noticed that the works on the hall are nearing completion. This newly expanded and refurbished multi-use facility will provide a wide range of uses for Brooklyn and wider community, and will be re-opening shortly.