8 July 2021

Thank you to everyone who share their experiences, concerns and ideas on animal management in Hobsons Bay.
We are currently reviewing your feedback to help shape Council's Domestic Animal Management Plan 2021-25 which will be developed and shared for further comment later this year.

Help shape Council’s 2021-25 Domestic Animal Management Plan

The work of animal management in Hobsons Bay is guided by the Domestic Animal Management Plan, which is developed every four years. We would like to know what you believe to be the important animal management issues facing our municipality and your thoughts on how we can approach them over the next four years, 2021-25.

What is the DAMP?

State Government legislation requires Councils to formulate and implement a Domestic animal management plan every four years. The plan is used to manage and evaluate animal safety & welfare, community safety & welfare as well as promote responsible pet ownership. To view the previous, 2017-21 DAMP please click here.

Some key elements of the Domestic Animal Management Plan are;

  • promoting responsible pet ownership and the welfare of dogs and cats in the community
  • protecting the community and the environment from nuisance cats and dogs, within Council resources
  • identifying a method to evaluate whether the animal management services provided are adequate
  • outlining the training programs for authorised officers to ensure they are capable in administering and enforcing the provisions of the Act.

How to get involved

Council is committed to developing and implementing a domestic animal management plan that captures community concerns and thoughts surrounding pet ownership, animal and community welfare and the environmental impact caused by domestic pets. We want to use community feedback to ensure we are creating a plan that includes the lived experience of the wider community, both pet and non-pet owners.

There are two ways to get involved

  • please complete the survey below, your contributions will be used to guide the key actions and priorities of the 2021-25 draft DAMP.
  • attend one of our Zoom or face to face pop-ups listed below.

Online and pop-up stall

  • Thursday 17 June, via Zoom, 5pm to 6pm Click here to register
  • Saturday 19 June, via Zoom, 10am to 11am Click here to register (registrations close the day before this scheduled session)
  • Saturday 26 June, Spotswood Slow Food market, 8am to 1pm
    Spotswood-Kingsville RSL, 63 The Avenue

Domestic Animal Management Plan

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