22 September 2020

The consultation period for this project is now closed. Thank you to everyone who contributed. A summary of 'What we Heard' from the community will be made available on this site in the coming months.
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Council is upgrading Donald McLean Reserve to provide the community with improved open space into the future

Donald McLean Reserve Master Plan underwent extensive community engagement and was endorsed by Council in 2013. In 2019 we gathered your ideas and aspirations for the reserve in response to community’s current needs, also recognising the presence and joint project funding of the West Gate Tunnel Project. Using your feedback, the Donald McLean Reserve Improvement Plan was designed.

Projects identified in the improvement plan are already underway with upgrades to the two sports grounds (including new floodlighting), the cricket nets and the multi-purpose courts.

Earlier this year, we sought your input into the design of pathways, landscaping and park furniture surrounding the new cricket practice nets.

Help us to realise the next element of the project - the play space and other open spaces in and around the reserve.

Shape the design!

The community has shared a lot of great ideas about improving Donald McLean Reserve and its facilities as part of the 2013 Master Plan and 2019 Improvement Plan discussions.

The following priorities have been shared by the community relating to the redevelopment of the playground and surrounds:

  • develop the existing playground to include a mix of more formal play equipment and nature play elements
  • provide a sheltered barbeque and picnic setting with public toilet facilities within close proximity to the play area
  • develop connecting pathways throughout the reserve including a perimeter circuit

Now, Council hopes to build on these priority areas to improve the grounds and design a new playground that will be a destination for all of Hobsons Bay to enjoy!

A draft concept plan has been developed, informed by previous community engagement, as a starting point for generating feedback and comments.

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts and ideas on the play space layout and equipment, the informal and formal play opportunities throughout the grounds, the pathways and connections, and more!

Have your say

We invite the community to

  • complete the feedback survey to ensure we have captured your thoughts on the design of the playgrounds and the various elements of the grounds
  • share details of what makes Spotswood special to you
  • submit further comments by email to projects@hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au or phone 1300 179 944 and ask to speak to a member of the project team

Feedback and comments received will help Council to shape the detailed design of the playgrounds and open spaces.

Feedback will be accepted until Thursday 17 September 2020.



Play space inclusions

We all know that playgrounds are an important part of family life - no matter what the age, stage or ability of our children. The current improvement works offer an opportunity to update the two play spaces at Donald McLean Reserve.

As part of these improvement works, the larger playground to the west of the reserve will be getting a complete make-over. The current playground equipment and the skate ramp, which is no longer used, will be removed to make way for a play space that all of Spotswood will be proud of.

The larger play space zone will be extended significantly into an approximately 400m2 area. It will include play equipment providing a variety of play activities, along with connecting paths, a picnic shelter and barbecue, new public toilet and plenty of landscaping elements.

The smaller play space south of oval 1 will receive a small upgrade, with new nature play added and a basketball backboard and netball ring installed for casual use.

The draft concept plan of the larger play space zone includes the following key features:

  • play areas for children of all ages and abilities and a wide variety of play opportunities (formal and informal)
  • active recreation opportunities, including a half-court, parkour equipment, a ‘learn to ride’ circuit and a pump track
  • natural landscape features including mounding to create different levels throughout the play space and new play opportunities
  • pocket spaces for sitting and relaxing
  • open passive recreation spaces with irrigated lawn
  • additional tree planting with a focus on providing more natural shade and a visually appealing environment
Donald McLean Reserve potential playspace layout
Passive space
Passive space
Passive space
Picnic shelter and barbecue area
Nature based play
Flying fox
Basketball half-court with netball ring
Parkour equipment
'Learn to ride' circuit
'Learn to ride' circuit
'Learn to ride' circuit
'Learn to ride' circuit
Dry river bed
Motion play elements
Combination play unit and structured play
Accessible toilets
Pump track
Slides to mound
Path network with seating
Donald McLean Reserve potential playspace zoning diagram


Open space elements

The current improvement works offer an opportunity to improve the look and feel of the grounds of the reserve.

The draft concept plan also shows the option to include circuit pathways around the reserve including some personal fitness stations.

The draft concept plan includes the following key features:

  • a new path network, including a perimeter path and connections between ovals, sports facilities, play spaces and car parks
  • fitness equipment linked in with the circuit pathways
  • bench seats and natural landscape features including mounding for spectator viewing and rest opportunities throughout the reserve
  • additional tree planting with a focus on providing more natural shade and a visually appealing environment
Existing Conditions Draft Concept Plan


Project News & Construction Updates

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