Update 23 August 2023


The community survey on the idea of a POP UP community place on Forrest Street (Hudsons Rd end) closed at 12pm, Sunday 20 August.

Saturday 5 August drop in community engagement marquee on site was a success. Many conversations, ideas and local knowledge was shared on what turned out to be a sunny and busy day.

Valuable insights was recieved from the initial Forrest Street resident only survey and feedback received via the Forrest Street door knock on Saturday 15 July, plus the broader community survey.

Thank you for your time and feedback thus far – it is greatly appreciated.

What we heard

Read what people thought of the Forrest Street pop up idea

An exciting project within the Better Places Spotswood & South Kingsville program is a pop up community space.

A project asked for by local community… for local community. To learn more and to have your say, please read the below information and complete the survey here.

Forrest Street Spotswood Pop Up Place idea (Hudsons Road end)

Forrest St (Hudson’s Rd end) is an idea for a trial pop up community place in the heart of the Spotswood Shopping Village as initiated and led by the Better Places Local Leaders Focus Group.

Forrest Street residents were asked first as they will be most affected by any road closures and likely to enjoy the most benefits. In early July, a flyer was placed in 68 Forrest Street mailboxes and door knocking took place on Saturday 15 July to talk more about the idea with Forrest Street residents.

A copy of the what we heard report is available in the document library of this page.

The biggest concern expressed throughout Better Places Spotswood & South Kingsville consultation related to vehicle congestion and heavy vehicle traffic through the local area. It was also regularly noted that the area is very car dominated and the local community wants to see the streets changed to make them more pedestrian or bike friendly.

This POP UP place idea may lead a shift throughout Spotswood and South Kingsville towards creating ‘streets for people’ - undertaking works to make our village and neighbourhood streets feel safer and more attractive and usable for pedestrians and cyclists.

It is not about being “anti-car”, it is just about trying to reduce the dominance of cars and give more attention and priority towards pedestrians and cyclists.

The new POP UP place could offer:

  • A trial to temporarily remove a dangerous intersection and rat running between The Avenue and Hudsons Road;
  • Relief from busy Hudsons Road in a calm new place that offers existing art and a mature tree lined street vista close to the Hudsons Rd pedestrian crossing;
  • A new spot to enjoy that takeaway coffee and cake;
  • A place to meet up before going on to something else;
  • Boost for local business owners and traders within the Spotswood Shopping Village;
  • An outdoor waiting place for allied health or other appointments in the area;
  • Somewhere for old and young to pause on their foot or bike journey;
  • An incentive for families to walk to the ‘village’ and to linger longer;
  • Seating and activities to engage, spark interest and connect with neighbours;
  • The prioritisation of people by temporarily closing all or some of the roads to cars.

Other items that could be trialled and tested might include public seating and tables, activities, outdoor classes, kids play, art, performance, music, movies, games and more greening.

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