We are seeking community feedback on the draft policy to determine if the current and future expectations of tenancy agreements are clear.

Hobsons Bay City Council is the custodian of land, buildings, public roads, and manages Crown Land as a trustee on behalf of the Hobsons Bay community. Council manages the use of its land holdings for the benefit of the community and/or to maximise the amount of revenue it derives from its land holdings.

The Leasing and Licensing Policy 2022-30 has been developed to ensure there are clear guidelines and processes regarding the occupancy of Council owned or managed property and that current and prospective tenants are aware of Council’s requirements and expectations for occupancy.

The policy will offer guidance to ensure our tenanted property agreements are approached in a consistent, inclusive, fair and impartial manner. It will also provide Council with a proactive and adaptable decision-making process that is flexible and well informed by best practice and evidence.

The main objective of this policy is to guide both Council staff and current and prospective tenants to ensure legislative process and procedural compliance, whilst ensuring a consistent, fair and impartial approach to the allocation and occupation of Council owned or managed properties.

The Policy will also ensure:

  • tenure of Council facilities is aligned with recommendations of Council long term strategic plans
  • all commercial tenures are on commercial terms and achieve an appropriated commercial return
  • no financial or commercial advantage is gained by community tenants over enterprises conducting similar activities in privately owned facilities
  • consideration of changes occurring within Council’s portfolio and to offer guidance on the acquisition, disposal, and development of Council property.

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How to get involved

We are now inviting community feedback on the draft Leasing and Licensing Policy 2022-30 – a consistent, inclusive, fair and impartial approach to property agreements for Council owned or managed land. Please complete the survey below between Tuesday 15 March and Tuesday 26 April.

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Feedback invited from 15 March to 26 April 2022

Privacy Collection Statement

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