About Leo Hoffmann Reserve

Leo Hoffmann Reserve is located on the corner of Newcastle and Oxford Streets in Newport.

There are basic playground and park facilities, pedestrian paths, park benches, a basketball and netball hoop with re-bound wall, cricket nets and a park shelter with seating and picnic tables.

We are upgrading Leo Hoffmann Reserve to enhance your experience of this space.

Final concept plan


In response to community feedback received on the draft concept plan, we have made some changes to the final concept plan including:

  • Additional shade within and around the playground with roof panels added to the main play structure and a shade sail installed over the sandpit.

  • Additional deciduous and evergreen shade trees within and around the playspace.

  • Final selection of playground equipment to offer a variety of play experiences for a wide range of ages and abilities.

Conditional items

We have also been balancing the overall scope of works to deliver the best outcome for the community, whilst ensuring the project stays within budget:

Subject to successful state government applications:

🏃‍♂️ Proposed 'Ninja' activity course
🏛 Upgrade of the existing rotunda.

To be constructed as later stage projects:

🚻 Proposed public toilet facility
🌱 Proposed community garden.

Work in progress

Construction will take place between Winter - Spring 2024

You may have noticed some preparation works happening around Leo Hoffmann Reserve. An independent arborist survey of all trees within the reserve has identified several trees, which have been marked with white paint, for removal later in the month. A number of trees will be also be pruned.

A large quantity of rocks and logs are currently stored in a fenced section of the old kindergarten site, to be installed as natureplay elements within the playspace and installed to the perimeter of the reserve to prevent unauthorised vehicle access.

Detailed plan of playground area

Stage 2 consultation

Stage 2 consultation

In the first round of consultation, we gathered input on how the community would like to use and enjoy Leo Hoffmann Reserve. Taking into account the comments and suggestions received, we developed a draft concept plan for the reserve.

From 29 August and 25 September 2023, we invited the community to view the draft concept plan below and provide feedback by completing a short online survey.

We've heard you: Our report on your feedback from the second stage of consultation is now available

Explore the draft concept plan. Click on the images below and zoom in to enlarge. Artists impression views have been prepared to help to convey the feel of the spaces once upgraded. Please note - images are best viewed on desktop or horizontally on mobile devices.

The draft concept plan has been created in consideration of engagement feedback and suggestions. The plan incorporates several key elements including:

  • The existing rebound wall to undergo enhancements, with a new extended concrete surface. Additionally, the shared half court for basketball and netball to be relocated further away from the rebound wall, creating extra space for playing purposes.

  • The open lawn area to undergo upgrades, including the installation of irrigation, leveling of the surface, addition of new turf, and construction of a perimeter footpath.

  • Upgrades to the existing playground, catering to children aged 1 year to 12+. The playground includes a flying fox and incorporates accessibility features.

  • A Ninja Course has been proposed to cater to individuals aged 12 and older, following community consultation which highlighted the demand for activities targeted at older kids. The course offers a challenging fitness experience, designed to test agility, strength, and perseverance.

  • A new picnic and BBQ area is planned, featuring shelter and picnic tables in close proximity to the playground. Additionally, the existing shelter will undergo improvements, including new paving, BBQ facilities, and updated furniture.

  • A new footpath constructed along the boundary of Newcastle Street.

  • A grassed amphitheatre established at the location currently occupied by the hopscotch area.

  • Additional seating throughout the reserve.

Proposed Ninja obstacle course

A Ninja obstacle course is a challenging activity/exercise course for users aged from 12 years.

Stage 1 consultation

Stage 1 consultation

From 21 March to 25 April 2023, we had a chance to hear from you about how you want to use and experience Leo Hoffmann Reserve. It was great to get feedback from everyone in the first stage of consultation.

We've heard you: Our report on your feedback from the first stage of consultation is now available

Feedback we are looking for

Council is open to the idea of adding BBQ facilities at this location, but only if it's what most of the local community wants. We want to work closely with the community to make sure we're making the right decision.

However, it's important to note that our budget for the playground is limited, so any additional facilities we add will affect the amount of play equipment we can afford.

Council is willing to explore the option of adding public toilet facilities at this location, but only if it's what the majority of the local community wants. We value the input of the community and will work closely with them to ensure that their needs are met.

Yes, built shade, furniture and drinking water will all be considered in this play space design and upgrade.

Just like with the BBQ facilities, the Council's budget for the play space is limited. Any additional facilities will have to be assessed in terms of their impact on the play equipment. If the majority of the community supports the idea of adding more facilities and if a suitable and safe location can be found without disturbing the nearby residents' peace and quiet, we will definitely consider it

The green area indicated in the map below, existing equipment and facilities.