Project background

The Hobsons Bay Aquatic Strategy 2019-2030 recommended the replacement of the Laverton Swim and Fitness Center with a water play and youth facility for McCormack Park.

The strategy involved a condition assessment of the Laverton Swim and Fitness Centre by a structural engineer. This assessment follows a series of technical report conducted by Council over the last ten years. The assessment found that the facility is nearing the end of its life and not financially viable to redevelop as a modern indoor aquatic centre. In response, the Aquatic Strategy searched for locations in the west of Hobsons Bay that serviced 50,000 people living within a 5km primary catchment area (driving distance). This is the necessary amount of people required to service a successful and sustainable district sized aquatic facility. Bruce Comben Reserve in Altona Meadows was assessed as meeting these objectives, whilst the Laverton Swim and fitness Centre site would only service a catchment of approximately 10,000 people.

Council recognises the community sentiment towards the Laverton Swim and Fitness Centre and the role it has played in providing for recreation and fitness in the local community. It is for this reason that a master planning process has been launched to seek ideas from the Laverton community on reimagining McCormack Park, and understand the type of facilities and services that would encourage future activity in the space.