11 October 2021

Based on feedback received from the community in April 2021, a revised (draft) Vendor Policy was presented for Councillor consideration at the 14 September 2021 Council Meeting. As a result, Council has deemed that additional time is required to further analyse feedback and confirm a final position in the new year.

Council will keep the community updated on what happens next.

For further information please contact the Economic Development and Social Planning Team on 1300 179 944.

11 June 2021

Thank you to everyone who participated in the community consultation for the draft Mobile Vendor Policy. Council is reviewing the feedback received and will keep the community updated on what happens next. If you’d like notifications from Participate please click the follow button above.

26 April 2021

About the Mobile Vendors Policy

This policy seeks to facilitate and manage the effective operation of mobile vendors in Hobsons Bay and provide a framework for considering requests for roadside trading in the municipality. Itinerant vendors are currently not permitted to trade in Hobsons Bay and this policy has been developed to provide an equitable and flexible approach to managing mobile and itinerant vendors operating in the municipality.

Mobile trading, when managed appropriately, can contribute to creating a vibrant and diverse local economy, attracting visitors and providing residents in isolated areas with local access to goods and services. However, consideration must be given to impacts on the community including potentially negative impacts on existing business owners, landowners and residents.

Hobsons Bay City Council regulates mobile vendors to ensure that temporary business opportunities are facilitated and managed in a consistent way which balances the needs of residents and owners of all types of business.

Please view a copy of the draft of the proposed Mobile Vendor Policy in the Document Library.

Key points

Council currently permits stationary roadside vendors to operate at six approved sites within the municipality (see Food Vendor Map in document library for further detail). Itinerant/roaming vendors are not currently permitted to operate on public land. This policy seeks to introduce greater flexibility by both considering new sites and providing the opportunity for itinerant vendors to operate within Hobsons Bay.

Two permit types will be available:

  • Stationary - one site for the duration of the permit at an approved location
  • Itinerant - roaming permit