• Conversations and Social Connections

    Intergenerational, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) or/and local social support groups may be beneficial for all in the room and may be important gathering points for communities seeking conversation and social connection.

  • Family Friendly Gigs

    Increasing opportunities for people to perform and experience music including in unique venues around the city.

  • Public Art Projects

    This project would see an increase in street art opportunities in Hobsons Bay, including for people to learn from professional street artists. More street art across Hobsons Bay at strategic locations that meet the guidelines of the Public Art Policy would provide value to the community.

  • Hobsons Bay Tourist bus

    Tours of Hobsons Bay to be offered throughout the summer months with visitors taken to attractions throughout Hobsons Bay via tour bus. A tour guide would share information about Hobsons Bay's heritage assets and diverse range of parks and ecosystems between stops which offer visitors the opportunity to get off the bus and explore key attractions.

  • Celebrating First Nations Art

    Creating more street art opportunities across strategic sites in Hobsons Bay and including themes that celebrate First Nations peoples and culture.

  • Lights on Nelson

    Creative Lighting Activation Nelson Place, Williamstown.

    Shine a light on Williamstown's historic Nelson Place precinct, with a creative lighting project designed to showcase the streetscape, support the nighttime economy, and to draw locals and visitors to this important part of the city.

  • Coffee at Homestead

    Activating the Homestead Reserve and community cottage area in Homestead Run, a pop-up coffee van would help provide a valuable destination and meeting point in the heart of Seabrook. Responding to the diverse use of the Reserve on the weekend, this will support community connection, and engage the broader community alike.

  • Cloth Nappy Rebate and Education

    Switching from disposable sanitary, incontinence and/or nappy products to reusables is a fantastic way to save money and reduce your environmental footprint. The program would provide a rebate to residents who purchase reusable products.

  • Lunar New Year Celebration

    A new event for Hobsons Bay celebrating and in acknowledgement of Lunar New Year.

  • Roving Entertainment

    Be entertained while shopping local. Head down to your local precincts and enjoy roving entertainment while you shop.

  • Actively ageing

    A great opportunity for older adults of Hobsons Bay to remain active and healthy, by attending organised activities at various locations across the municipality

  • Grow your own Vegetable Patch

    This program will provide residents with access to the materials needed to grow their own fruit and vegetables at home. The program includes facilitating access to materials needed to create a 'no-dig' vegetable patch and / or wicking garden beds, an education program and promotion of the benefits of home gardening.

  • Rubbish Dating

    An event for singles aged 25-39 living in Hobsons Bay.

    ‘Rubbish dating’ or ‘trash dating’ is a semi-structured event where participants clean up a local waterway while participating in semi-structured speed dating conversations.

    Pick up the love of your life as you pick up trash. What could be sexier than saving a downstream bird from choking?

  • Integrated Playgroup at Hobsons Bay Libraries

    Grandparents are increasing becoming carers for their grandchildren (0-5yrs) while their parents are working. The need for a grandparent led playgroup is evident. Early Years will assist with setting up and facilitating 3 grandparent led playgroups for extended families in Hobsons Bay. After establishment for 1 term, the playgroup will be transitioned to the membership to facilitate.

  • Urban Forage

    Deliver an urban foraging workshop program that includes a walking and foraging tour and a cooking class. Content also to be filmed and made available online. The program can be delivered through the My Smart Garden platform.

  • Protecting our Grasslands

    This project involves a trial restoration of degraded ecologically significant land, through scalping the existing surface and sewing locally indigenous seed species.

    The project will be contingent on approvals from DECCA and will require an in-depth flora and fauna assessment prior to taking place.

    The project has the potential to greatly improve the biodiversity value of the chosen site. The site/project will be promoted and used as an educational piece to increase community awareness.


  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Idea submission open

    14 November 2022 - 23 January 2023

  • Timeline item 2 - complete

    Assessment period

    January - February 2023

  • Timeline item 3 - complete

    Budget adoption

    June 2023

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