Project Summary

H.C Kim Reserve is the home of the Altona City Soccer Club. The reserve is currently undertaking a major facelift to bring the reserve up to council’s current amenity standards for Community based sports clubs. Part of this re-development includes the construction of a new pavilion and female friendly change rooms. Council has received a submission to name the new pavilion and is seeking the community’s input that aligns with state government and Council naming policy.

Located off Millers Road in Altona across the road from Cherry Lake, H.C Kim Reserve is the home of Altona City Soccer Club. With a rich history dating back to 1965, the reserve is named after harry Charles Kim, a prominent local resident and businessman.

Once this first consultation period has ended and we have identified the community's name suggestions, the names that most align with Council's Naming Policy criteria and state government rules will be selected and recommended to Council. After the Council-approved name has been shared with the community for comment, it is then submitted to state government. State government approval can take up to 200 days.

  1. Name suggestions are submitted by the community
  2. Suggested names are vetted against Council's naming policy
  3. Council recommends/approves a name
  4. The selected name is shared with community for comment or objection
  5. Final name is submitted to state government naming authority for approval
  6. Official naming

Appropriate naming is essential to identify locations for managing emergencies and delivering goods and services in Victoria. The naming rules are based on national standards and policies. They provide a strong basis for standardised and clear naming procedures across the state. They have been developed through detailed consultation with councils, government departments, emergency agencies and public service providers.

The proper naming of any place enables it to be clearly identified and its precise location to be determined. The uniqueness and accuracy of a place name reduces the likelihood of delaying an emergency services vehicle due to inappropriate or confusing location details, which might result in life threatening consequences.

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