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Have your say on the Draft Experience Hobsons Bay Tourism Strategy 2019-24

The Draft Experience Hobsons Bay Tourism Strategy 2019-24 (the Strategy) outlines the key themes and objectives that will guide Council’s work in supporting the sustainable growth of the local visitor economy.

Aimed at achieving a long-term vision for Hobsons Bay, the Strategy reflects Council’s commitment to ensuring Hobsons Bay is a place that people are proud to call home, and a place that can be recognised widely for its rich experiences and visitor offering.

The Strategy and its themes and objectives have been developed by Hobsons Bay City Council, in partnership with local tourism operators, industry partners and other key stakeholders.

The strategy comprises four key themes, including:

Recognising the visitor economy

By providing the resources required to ensure an engaged and inclusive visitor economy, and improving access to and awareness of the assistance available to tourism operators, Council will aim to increase collaboration and ensure that Hobsons Bay continues to be recognised as a great place to visit and explore.

Rich experiences

Through the implementation of this strategy, Council aims to enhance the entire visitor journey, and ensure that locals and visitors have a wide variety of quality experiences to choose from, enjoy and share.

City image and presentation

Further investment in city image and presentation will allow Hobsons Bay to influence how the area is perceived and how the story of Hobsons Bay is shared.


Achieving the best results for Hobsons Bay will require collaboration with local, regional, state and national partners. Council will take a proactive role in advocating for investment and support for the local visitor economy.

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