7 June 2021

Thank you to everyone who identified issues on the interactive map, placed photos on the conversation board, attended a drop-in session and provided feedback on the traffic situation around the Laverton Schools Precinct. We are currently reviewing your feedback and will share a summary of what we heard along with next steps for this project soon.

Council wants to hear about your experiences living and driving through the Laverton Schools Precinct.

The Laverton Schools precinct refers to the area between Bladin Street and the Princes Freeway which encompasses four major schools and a smaller language school. A number of concerns have been raised about the traffic in this area including speeding, short-cutting through residential streets, inadequate school crossing points and the need for better street lighting to improve safety in the precinct.

Council is seeking feedback from local residents and people who drive through this area during peak periods (school pick up/drop off times) to help us identify locations of concern and to understand patterns of movement through the precinct.

The aim of this project is to capture all the issues and risks in the area to inform the development of appropriate solutions to ease traffic congestion and improve safety and connectivity in this section of Laverton.

This project will focus on creating safe paths of travel for school students and may involve reduced vehicle speeds, treatments designed to decrease the likelihood of crashes, increased separation of vulnerable road users from vehicles and increased pedestrian and cyclist connectivity.

Council has received funding from TAC to undertake this issue analysis study and will be seeking further funding from TAC to implement the traffic treatments that are developed from this study.

How can I provide my feedback?

Click on the 'provide your feedback' title below to be taken to an interactive map, where you may drop a pin on the location you want to identify and tell us what the issue is, when it is an issue and what solutions you would like to see to address this issue.

Alternatively, you can provide written feedback within this page, respond to people’s comments, ask questions and have an online conversation.

Please note that all suggested traffic treatments will be reviewed and evaluated based on existing road rules, design standards and feedback from other stakeholders.

Come and talk to us

Members of the project team will be onsite at Henderson Reserve (Henderson Street, Laverton - opposite the Western Autistic School) on Saturday 15 May 2021. Drop in anytime between 1pm and 3pm to discuss the traffic issues you face in the area.