Background to the project - why are we doing this project

One of the key actions from the Local Area Movement Plan – Western Package was the need to address the safe path of travel for school children in Laverton and to reduce congestion and parking issues. This was further reinforced by the Better Places Laverton project that identified that the community wants to make Laverton cleaner, greener, improving parks and streets to make them more attractive, and making it a place that is easier and safer to walk or get around on a bike.

Council has received funding through the TAC to undertake an issues analysis that identifies all the issues and risks in this area and to develop traffic treatments to ease congestion and improve safety and connectivity throughout this section of Laverton.

What we already know?

The area located between the freeway and Bladin Street is predominantly residential however it also houses four major schools and a smaller language school within a 400m radius. The local schools present an issue due to their close proximity and high reliance on car pick-up/drop off in a constrained environment.

Both the Local Area Movement Plan – Western Package and Better Places Laverton identified that there are limited bicycle routes along local roads in the study area. Bladin Street has an informal cycling route which is not clearly marked and has no separation from parked cars. The road has traffic volume and speeding issues. There is also no direct access to the Federation Trail which is a key bicycle trail to both Werribee and the city. Safety of pedestrians is also an issue especially around the three closely located schools.

Parking during school pick-up and drop-off periods lead to a congested road environment exposing students to unnecessary risks and creating conflict with residents. It has also been the cause of accidents. Resident enquiries over the last five years involve requests to address speeding issues, install pedestrian crossings and speed humps, addressing rat running and increase street lighting. Council will be looking at this precinct holistically. We are aware that the implementation of one traffic treatment will not be the answer, rather a whole precinct approach needs to be undertaken rather than solving one issue and pushing it into another street.

The schools within the area include:

  • St Martin de Porres Catholic Primary School
  • Western Autistic School
  • Laverton P-12
  • Western English Language School
  • Jennings Street School