With all the positive feedback we received from the community on last year's trial road closure in the Altona Beach Precinct, we are back for another year!

The Esplanade between Bent Street and Pier Street will once again be turned into a pedestrian only zone with beach boxes, outdoor furniture and games filling the space.

Running through the summer until the end of February 2020, this initiative is designed to create a safer environment for everyone to enjoy.

Check out the background information below and the frequently asked questions.

Give us your feedback!

As users of the Altona Esplanade and visitors to the Pier Street precinct, we are interested in hearing about your experiences are during the trial closure.

The feedback period for the Altona Beach Precinct closure is now closed. Keep checking this page for updates on the project.

Feedback closes at 5pm Monday 9 March 2020.

The 2019-2020 Summer

Similar to last year, a temporary road closure of the Esplanade (between Pier and Bent Streets) will be trialed. Last year this trial achieved successful results by providing safer pedestrian connections to the beach, street activation through public events and more support for Victoria Police monitoring and beach surveillance.

Pier Street parklets

Extended outdoor dining areas are set up in the parallel parking bays along Pier Street between Queen Street and the pedestrian crossing at Weaver Reserve. This is to create a more comfortable pedestrian and outdoor dining experience in this section of Pier Street.

Changes to the Esplanade closure

Cyclists in the Esplanade closure

What we heard from the community during last year's trial was that road cyclists need to be removed from this space. Taking this feedback into account road cyclists are now required to either dismount and walk through the closure or ride the detour like other on-road vehicles. Cyclists riding the shared trail are still able to do so but they must remain on the shared trial and take the same amount of care as they do along the entire shared trial, for example limit your speed to 10km/hr, give way to other users of the shared trail and be mindful of the environment in which you are travelling.

Taking into account the feedback we received last year, we have increased the amount of shade and seating available in the space. New umbrellas have been added into the closure site in addition to the trees in planter boxes to provide more shade for families accessing the space. Outdoor furniture has also been included under the umbrellas, providing extra seating space for people to enjoy.

The table tennis table is returning and this year we are including a basketball ring so you can come down to the beach and shoot some hoops with your family, we ask that you bring your own ball.

Changes to local parking

Pier Street parking changes

Last year there were some changes to the parking conditions in the lower section of Pier Street on the Logan Reserve side. Six spaces were converted to 30 minute restricted spaces and 20 spaces facing the reserve were changes to two hour parking to ensure turnover of people accessing this area. These parking changes have been kept in place this year.

There will be a loss of two spaces on Queen Street, near the corner of Pier Street to allow smooth traffic flows resulting from the detour.

Bent Street parking changes

A 'no stopping' restriction on the residential side of Bent Street has been introduced to ensure smooth traffic flow resulting from the detour. This has resulted in the loss of eight parking spaces. Two parking spaces on the southwest end of Bent Street have been changed to two hour parking to ensure turnover of people accessing the shops.

Queen Street parking changes

The 'no stopping' restriction on the southern side of Queen Street (between Bent and Mount Streets) has been retained. The loss of these spaces will accommodate the increased traffic flows on the detours.

The 2018-2019 Summer