Section 92 of the Local Government Act 2020 requires the development of an Asset Plan using a deliberative engagement process in line with Council’s Community Engagement Policy 2021.

An Asset Plan Focus Group consisting of 23 community members with diverse backgrounds from across Hobsons Bay was established to help inform the development of the Draft Asset Plan. The focus group attended four facilitated sessions held virtually due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Council has proactively implemented a cycle of condition audits and developed asset management plans for the majority of our infrastructure asset categories. This enabled officers to have well informed conversations with community members about the state of play of Council's existing assets, and then focus on the development of principles that will be used to guide the implementation of the Asset Plan.

The focus group developed eight key principles to guide key actions and themes within the Draft Asset Plan:

  • Transparency – all principles and planning for asset management and/or renewal, including expenditure, adherence to budget and auditing are documented and made clear and accessible to the community
  • Technical – the use of best practice, innovative methods and design and engineering techniques to achieve quality, compliant, cost effective and sustainable asset management solutions.
  • Safety – keeping everyone safe and protecting the community’s assets and infrastructure
  • Equity – all wards / suburbs have access to equally high quality, well maintained assets designed for universal use with resources allocated to most critically needed areas.
  • Inclusivity and accessibility – ensuring all assets are designed and maintained to provide maximum accessibility across all members of the community
  • Sustainability, diversity, climate change, futureproof – prioritising sustainability in asset management, from an economic, social and environmental perspective
  • Relevance – providing assets that remain contemporary and relevant to community requirements
  • Community engagement – community engagement is undertaken for major maintenance and renewal projects which require a review of fit for purpose, in order to ensure the perspectives and needs of the users and residents are considered.

You can read the full community report from the deliberative process here.