The Draft Asset Plan has been developed to provide a strategic planning and financial view of infrastructure assets owned or controlled by Council, and how we will manage these assets over the next 10 years. It takes a proactive collaborative approach combining the management of public assets with financial, engineering and technical considerations to ensure an appropriate level of services are provided at the most economical cost to the community. It is designed to guide the way Council protects its public assets, to lengthen their lifespan, and to ensure replacement, upgrade or renewal is completed at the appropriate time.

Currently Hobsons Bay City Council manages $1.2 billion of infrastructure assets ranging from buildings, roads, and storm water drainage, seawalls, playground and sporting grounds through to speed humps, park seating and water fountains.

The purpose of the Draft Asset Plan is to:

  • demonstrate how Council will manage its assets responsibility in a cost-effective way to meet the service delivery needs of the Hobsons Bay community now and in the future.
  • ensure that there is integration between asset management planning outcomes, the Council Plan, Financial Plan and Capital Works budget.
  • forecast capital and maintenance expenditure requirements for Council’s assets over the next 10 years.
  • ensure that Council complies with its legislative obligations.

The Draft Asset Plan has been developed in partnership with representative from the Hobsons Bay community who we thank for their contributions to progress this important Council strategy.