Shaping a shared vision for Spotswood and South Kingsville

Better Places is centred around adopting place-based thinking. Place-based design considers overall ‘places’ and how they look, feel and work together rather than individual ‘pieces’, and provides a new model for the way that Council designs and delivers projects. The Better Places program involves everyone that lives in, and loves a place - including residents, businesses, property owners and visitors - to think about and design for change in the future.

After trialling the Better Places program in Laverton, we are excited to turn our attention to the Spotswood and South Kingsville communities.

We want to hear from all members of our community about what you love about Spotswood and South Kingsville, what you would like to see change, and any big ideas you have for the future.

Your feedback, combined with the significant work and community comments already gathered, will help develop a shared vision and guiding principles for the area. The resulting Place Guide will be used to guide change, programs and ‘on the ground’ improvements into the future that are aligned with the shared vision.

It will also inform other important strategic projects such as the Spotswood Activity Centre Structure Plan and the Local Area Movement Plan Northern Package (Northern LAMP) which includes Spotswood and South Kingsville.

To find out more about the Better Places Spotswood and South Kingsville process, click here or download a copy of the process from the Document Library. See how this was applied in Laverton by clicking here.

Key issues and opportunities

There has been a lot of development activity in the Spotswood and South Kingsville area, with more still to come. Residents, businesses and community groups have all recognised the need for a cohesive approach to future improvement works that benefit everyone.

As a starting point, we have listed key projects, programs and developments that are relevant to the area and should be considered through the Better Places project within seven different categories. Included in these categories is a summary of key issues and opportunities gathered to date. Your valuable feedback will create a comprehensive and up to date list of key issues and opportunities relevant to the area.

Click on a category to understand what we have heard so far and the associated projects and programs affecting that area. There is also opportunity to let us know if you feel we have missed something important.

Scroll down to provide more detailed feedback.

Have your say

In this first stage of the Better Places program, we are asking people to share their thoughts and ideas based around the three key themes of love, change and ideas. There will be further opportunities to have your say on the proposed vision and key projects and initiatives for Spotswood and South Kingsville following this first stage.

We invite you to share your thoughts and experiences of Spotswood and South Kingsville by:

  • submitting your feedback - share what you love about Spotswood, what you would like to see change and any big ideas you have for the future in the 'Love-Change-Ideas' survey below and by providing your feedback in each of the key issues and opportunities pages
  • contacting the project team - you can call us on 1300 179 944 or email your feedback to
We are seeking your feedback between Friday 6 November and Sunday 13 December 2020.