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The future of Spotswood and South Kingsville - shaped by a shared vision

Better Places is centred around adopting place-based thinking. Place-based design considers overall 'places' and how they look, feel and work together rather than individual 'pieces', and provides a new model for the way that Council designs and delivers projects. The Better Places program involves everyone that lives in, and loves a place - including residents, businesses, property owners and visitors - to think about and design for change in the future.

After 12 months of consultation with the community, the Better Places program has developed 16 projects designed to make Spotswood and South Kingsville better places to live, work and visit. We are inviting residents to visit the project website, provide their feedback and register to be involved and kept up to date with the implementation.

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Project Background

The Better Places process has taken around 12 months for Spotswood and South Kingsville which is done in three main stages:

At the first stage of the process we asked stakeholders three simple questions:

  • What do you LOVE about the area?
  • What would you CHANGE?
  • What big IDEAS to you have for the future?

The second stage was completed in April where a draft Vision, with guiding principles and project ideas were presented. Stakeholders were asked whether they agreed with the vision and whether the projects would help achieve the vision. People were also asked to provide any other ideas they felt had been missed.

At this final stage of the process, we would like your input on each individual project now that more details has been developed. You can comment on just the one that interests you or all of them if you wish. We are also seeking interest from the community to stay involved as we move quickly into implementation.

You can review each project individually, provide feedback and register your interest on a project-by-project basis by visiting the project

Read or download the complete Place Guide below.

Draft Place Guide - Spotswood & South Kingsville

Click here to read the draft Place Guide


16 Projects designed to help make Spotswood & South Kingsville better places to live.

A program of projects has been refined throughout the process based on input and feedback from all community stakeholders. The projects are a mix of short, medium, and longer-term initiatives with some able to be completely delivered by Council. For those projects that are larger and more ambitious in terms of their impact on the area, a collaborative effort will be necessary between Council, Community, Industry and State Government. The delivery program can be found in the last section of the place guide above.

A project website has been setup to gather final feedback as well as provide opportunity for people register to stay involved or informed.


Please find in the document library information about Better Places translated in Arabic, Greek, Italian, Serbian and Italian.

We invite you to:

  • explore to register and stay involved
  • chat with members of the Better Places project team and share your feedback in-person during one of our community engagement sessions. Register to attend these using the links provided on the right-hand side of the page
  • provide any general comments and feedback on the Place Guide or Better Places program, please do so on the form below
We are seeking your feedback between Wednesday 30 June until 5:00pm, Wednesday 11 August 2021.

Key themes

Better Places Spotswood and South Kingsville Key Themes

The vision is further broken down into four (4) key themes:

  • Remembering Our Past, Shaping Our Future
  • Changing How We Move Into The Future
  • Improving + Greening Our Spaces and Places
  • Enhancing Our Village Lifestyle